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Nihilism and International Politics – Of False Flags and Staged Attacks

By Amir Azarvan –Assistant Professor of Political Science, Georgia Gwinnett College –    From the sinking of the RMS Lusitania to the apparently staged chemical attack in Douma, humanity has witnessed a plethora of false – or, at minimum, highly dubious – pretexts for war.  Although I do not at all wish to imply that […]

MAJOR: WikiLeaks Released Unredacted Documents of OPCW Douma Report Showing Changes in Final Version

The WikiLeaks website released its third package of documents concerning a chemical weapons report on the Syrian city of Douma published by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It includes a memorandum written in protest by one of the scientists that participated in the fact-finding mission (FFM) – and the final report “with relevant comments […]

Zakharova: Journalists are pressuring witnesses to the Douma chemical attack

MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday that the Syrian witnesses to the alleged chemical attack in Douma who gave their accounts at The Hague days ago were put under pressure from journalists. This comes as a BBC reporter ridiculously claimed that a 12-year-old Syrian witness sustained “psychological trauma”. “Journalists, […]

OPCW Fact-Finding Mission visits Douma

DOUMA, Syria – The Fact-Finding Mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have managed to visit one the sites of alleged chemical weapons attack in the Syrian town of Douma, the OPCW said on Saturday according to TASS. “The Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical […]

Chemical substance of hexamine found in Douma laboratory – Russian MoD

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – Russian broadcaster VGTRK released video on Friday showing an alleged chemical laboratory in Douma, suspected of belonging to militant group Jaish al-Islam. According to Russian Defence Ministry’s military expert on radiation, chemical, and biological protection, Alexander Rodionov, “the specialists from radiation, chemical and biological protection’s corpses conducted extra examination in the chemical […]

Jaish al-Islam’s ‘Prison of Repentance’ uncovered in Syria’s Douma

DOUMA, Syria – The terrorist group Jaish al-Islam’s notorious Al-Tawba ‘Prison of Repentance’ was fortified with high barracks and linked with a number of underground tunnels, footage filmed in Douma on Thursday apparently reveals. The prison was used not only used by Jaish al-Islam as the headquarters for its leaders but also a place for […]

SEE the hospital the alleged Douma chemical attack victims were brought

DOUMA, Syria – Footage captured on Wednesday shows sections of Douma’s central hospital, where victims of the alleged chemical attack on the Syrian town were presumably treated. The footage also shows the street where the alleged attack is reported to have happened. Several Western powers, led by the United States, claimed chemical substances were used […]

Syrians describe hellish life under terrorist rule in East Ghouta

DOUMA, Syria – Residents of Douma in the Eastern Ghouta shared their thoughts on how their lives changed after the Syrian Army liberated the city from militants, during interviews recorded on Thursday. “We are happy now, and our faces know how to be happy,” shared a young resident of the city, adding that militants refused […]