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Second day of clashes around Mariupol

1/19/2015   Counter-offensive against Mariupol continues  Translated from Russian by J.Hawk Responding to AFU provocations, bombardment of civilians, and the dishonest and hypocritical policies of the Ukrainian government, DPR forces began an active counteroffensive. Ukrainian sources indicate AFU positions are being regularly attacked by DPR forces. An attack was launched in the direction of […]

“Slaughter along the entire front”–January 19 battle update

1/19/2015 “Slaughter along the entire front:” OUN nearly eliminated in Peski, Right Sector and the 93rd Brigade pushed back, AFU tank counter-attack defeated.  Translated from Russian by J.Hawk   Militiaman Yevneniy from the Vostok Brigade described the ongoing battles on the Donetsk front as of the morning of 19th January. “In Peski the Right […]

DPR Ministry of Defense: In the last two days AFU lost 700 soldiers and 37 pieces of equipment.

 1/19/2015 DPR Ministry of Defense: In the last two days AFU lost 700 soldiers and 37 pieces of equipment. Translated from Russian by J. Hawk “Due to the stepped up shelling of DPR civilian areas, we have seen more casualties among civilians. Medical facilities received 44 people, including four children (one in intensive care). […]

A Day of Battle and Sorrow: January 18 Summary of Events

 1/19/2015 Novorossia News Summary for January 18, 2015 By Cassad  Translated from Russian by J.Hawk 1.      The junta had lost the new terminal and, in spite of all the attempts to reclaim it, has suffered a tactical defeat here. Today’s attempt to strike at the junction between the village of Spartak and the concentration […]

Fighting at Peski continues–Kiev forces still in retreat

1/19/2015 DNR Army Enters Peski, Fighting Continues, AFU Abandons Positions Under Pressure Militiaman Aleksandr Zhukovskiy described how the DNR army entered Peski and is fighting for this strategically important location. “Russian militiamen have entered Peski. It’s not under complete control yet, but everything is going in the right direction, as Ukrainians are abandoning positions […]

Ukrainian Military Acknowledges Losing Donetsk Airport, Vows to Reclaim It

 1/18/2015 Ukrainian Security and Defense Committee: The Ukrainian Command Decides to Launch a Massive Operation to Reclaim Donetsk Airport  Translated from Russian by J.Hawk   “The Ukrainian command had decided to launch a large-scale operation in order to return under the control of our forces the territory currently located at the Donetsk airport,” said […]

The Fire Next Time: Mariupol

1/18/2015 Militia Grad launchers strike Mariupol checkpoints   Translated from Russian by J.Hawk For the first time since September the positions of the Azov volunteer battalion came under rocket artillery fire. The commander of the second sotnya of the Azov battalion, who goes by the call-sign Kirt, said that DPR took Azov positions near under […]

“Ukraine No Longer Exists As A State”–DPR Ministry of Defense

 1/18/2015 Breaking Announcement by the DPR Ministry of Defense  Translated from Russian by J.Hawk Citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic! While analyzing information found on the internet, newspapers, and Ukrainian TV, one can find numerous declarations to the effect that: –The “cyborgs have done the impossible and held on to the airport…” –“The terrorists […]

Novorossia Counter-Offensive Gaining Speed?

1/18/2015 Breaking News: Peski liberated. Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The militiamen have liberated Peski, a village in the Yasinovatsk region of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Occupiers are on the run. DPR flag has been hoisted in the center of Peski. Zakharchenko is confirming that DPR army has gone on a counter-offensive, whose objectives […]

Setting the Stage for the Next Offensive ?

1/17/2015 By Cassad Translated by J.Hawk Novorossia News, 1/17/2015, Evening 17:57: Militia broke through Shumy, is attacking Mayorsk, Orekhovo-Donetskoye, and Mius. Artillery duels near Debaltsevo and Bakhmutki. Ukrainian artillery used multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) to conduct all-night bombardment of militia positions near Novotoshkovka at the 31st checkpoint, the defensive positions between the 31st and […]