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Russian rapper Khovansky becomes assistant State Duma Deputy

ST. PETERSBURG – Videoblogger and rapper Yuri Khovansky became an assistant to the youngest State Duma deputy, 23-year-old Vasily Vlasov , who oversees sports, tourism, culture and youth policy. “Yuri Khovansky became my volunteer assistant. There are a lot of programs on his YouTube channel devoted to socially significant issues, ”commented on the choice of his assistant parliamentarian, noting […]

Will Russian Sue Ukraine for Damage done to Crimean Economy?

Editor’s note – While readers at first glance my chuckle at this impossible, rhetorical, and essentially propagandistic proposal (albeit based in truth), as it shows how badly managed Crimea was under post-Soviet Ukrainian rule – one would think the focus for Russians would be suing the last generation of Soviet bureaucrats and the Russian oligarchs […]

Britain, US, France may intervene in Syria again

The British Prime Minister Teresa May, US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed that in order to maintain the ban on the use of chemical weapons, the international community must respond to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, the spokesman for the British premier said.