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War correspondent: We found no signs of a chemical attack in Duma – PHOTOS

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – War Correspondent Alexander Bilibov reporting from Syria has said that he has found no signs of a chemical attack in Duma. “We checked the place of the alleged chemical weapon attack together with the Russian military and asked the civilians,” he said. Nobody heard about a chemical weapon attack.” Bilibov’s group […]

Doctors say they have treated no one from Duma with chemical poisoning

DAMASCUS, Syria – The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties told the media on Monday that Syrian doctors have said that they are not dealing with symptoms associated with chemical poisoning on patients. “Syrian doctors in Douma have dismissed the rumors they had received patients suffering from chemical poisoning,” the center said. “In […]

Douma hostages reunite with families after years in captivity – VIDEO

DUMA, Syria – Hostages who had spent five years under the captivity of the militant group Jaish al-Islam were evacuated from the Syrian city of Douma to the al-Fayhaa Sports Complex in Damascus on Monday. They reached the sports complex via the Al-Wafedeen checkpoint in the northern portion of the East Ghouta pocket. The evacuation […]

Did carbon monoxide kill people during the Duma chemical weapon attack?

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – With tens of people undoubedly being killed in an attack in East Ghouta’s Duma blamed on chemical weapons and perpetrated by the Syrian government, despite no evidence being provided, another theory has emerged suggested those killed was by carbon monoxide poisoning. Twitter user @tarek_oo7 made a case why in a series […]

US State Department threatens “immediate response” for chemical attack in Syria

WASHINGTON D.C., The United States – State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert has said that there needs to be “an immediate response” against Syria for the chemical weapon attacks that occurred in the East Ghouta town of Duma that is occupied by the Jaish al-Islam terrorist group. “Reports from a number of contacts and medical personnel on the ground […]