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Election Fraud

Is Kolomoisky more powerful then Poroshenko?

Rusvesna Kolomoisky right hand  Boris Filatov, famous for his FB post about Donbass: “Promise them anything, we will hang them later” made headlines once again. This time accusing  Poroshenko camp of manipulating election results to push the team of Dnepropetrovsk oligarch against the people representing the former Party of Regions (now rebranded Opposition Block, but still referred to as […]

Fighters from volunteer battalions bring weapons and chaos to Ukrainian home front

Taras Kozub for (Kiev) The relationship between the authorities and volunteer battalions is gradually deteriorating. Not too long ago the Governor of Donetsk region Kikhtenko talked about ” “, and recently Kiev Prosecutor Sergey Yuldashev made some harsh statements. He warned of a threat of armed revolution from armed to the teeth volunteers returning from the zone of […]

After eliminating competition Kiev edges closer to anarchy by battling with itself

“Go to the elections, choose your own fascist!” Rostislav Ishchenko for the “Actual Comments” November 7, 2014 The expert community had awakened. Almost all. Even yesterday’s pessimists are no longer arguing about for how much and how will Novorossia be sold out, but solely on the timing of  the beginning of It is a comforting fact. Not because the experts […]

Ukraine did not finish counting the votes due to Right Sector blocking access in 59th precinct

Rusvesna The Central Election Commission  CEC was not able to obtain data from the last district No. 59 in Marinka, Donetsk region [the part of Donetsk Region still under the control of Kiev]. Here, the commission could not enter data protocols into the information-analytical system ‘Elections’ on voting results from about 20 precincts. “This is the last district in […]

The car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk Right Sector and new Ukrainian PM exploded

Rusvesna  A car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk branch of the ‘Right Sector’ Andrey Denisenko blew up today in Dnepropetrovsk. No injuries were reported. “I arrived this morning to my mother’s in this car. Half an hour later there was an explosion”, – said Denisenko. “Thank God no one was hurt, but actually .” “Interestingly, at this very moment, when […]

It doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted

Rusvesna   “We all remember Stalin’s famous saying, it doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted. In our view, today’s regime is actually trying to live by this statement, and especially in areas where the Opposition Block has the greatest support”, – said Yuriy Boiko, the leader of the Opposition Block. According to him, […]

United States holds successful elections in Ukraine

Official turnout: 53%   Alexander Zhilin for Regnum   On the eve of the elections to the Ukrainian Parliament one of the advisers told Obama in the Oval Office: “Sir, the new Parliament will be a beast, enraged against Russia …” And that’s what happened. The new Supreme Council of Ukraine is 100% pro-American and russophobic. […]