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BREAKING: Trump Proposes Delaying US Elections Citing Safety Concerns, Inaccuracy and Fraud of Mail-In Ballots

WASHINGTON D.C – As a consequence of the ongoing politicization of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 response and the monopoly that tech firms have over erasing the 1st Amendment of the U.S Constitution in the public sphere, U.S President Donald J Trump just moments ago, tweeted that he is considering delaying the presidential election “until people can properly, […]


Coronavirus Could Last Until Summer 2021 warns Leaked Pentagon Memo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A leaked Pentagon memo on Tuesday revealed that top Department of Defense (DOD) officials have been planning for the possibility that the military could be dealing with a “globally-persistent” coronavirus pandemic well into 2021. The memo, obtained by Task & Purpose, also warned of the “real possibility” that a vaccine for COVID-19 won’t be […]

FLORES: Defeat? Here’s How Sanders Will Avoid Corbyn’s Fate

Right now the DNC is working hard to see if they can sabotage Sanders’ campaign by pressuring him to take a moderate stand – a change of position – on any one of his main pillars: universal healthcare, student debt cancellation, and the $15 an hour minimum wage. The idea is to convince Sanders’ campaign […]

FLORES: The Kerfuffle War – Trump’s Iran De-escalation Succeeds –

Just like that, it was over. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called it ‘a kerfuffle’. A letter was sent to their Iraqi peers that the U.S was repositioning troops out of Iraq in accordance with legislation from Iraq ending the U.S military presence in the war-torn country, and suddenly then […]

Putin says US interferes in elections, NOT Russia

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin, who visits Italy today to meet with officials, told local media that his country wants to resume full relations with the European Union. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Russia’s head of state said recent rumors of alleged Russian interference in elections in Europe would aim to continue […]

Tulsi Gabbard Blazes Impressive Trail At First Democratic Primary Debate

It has been said by political minds far more astute than my own [read: pretty much every candidate going into today’s 1st Democratic Primary debate] that a ‘win’ here is securing ‘cut-through’. Standing out from amidst the crowded, twenty-candidate field and managing to reach out through the television-camera’s silvery lense to make that all-important connection with the […]