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Vucic Entrusted with the Fate of Serbia: Political Scientists on the Victory of the Ruling Party

By Kirill Borschev for EAD The Serbian Progressive Party (SPP), led by the current president of the country, Alexander Vučić , won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections on June 21, securing the support of a record number of voters. According to the updated data of the Republican Election Commission, the coalition “Alexander Vučić – For Our […]


Military Dictatorship: Ruling Class Launches Bio-War Against Humanity

Dear readers – under these emergency conditions, we republish a crude translation of the following. It is quite in depth, looking at the present reality and history of US bio weapons as a form of warfare. We are limited by draconian anti-speech laws under the present global state of emergency, to say more than this. […]

Chaos in the Caucuses – Iowa Democrats’ Corn App A Real Bad Dud

There is a quotation ascribed to Stalin – “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” Now, I am rarely the sort of person to accuse the Democratic Party of being “Stalinist” [even their ‘relative’ left-wing […]

Russia’s Latest Elections Weren’t about Putin – Or Were They?

By Vladimir Majakov – Last Sunday, more than five thousand elections were held at different levels across 85 regions in Russia. 13 regions elected deputies to their regional parliaments. In 16 constituent entities governors were elected. 22 regional capitals saw the composition of their city parliaments renewed. In addition, city and town mayor elections as […]

Russia denounces interference from Google and Facebook in regional elections

Russia’s Federal Communications, Information Technology and Media Oversight Service (Roskomnadzor) said Google and Facebook had tried to interfere with elections in the country. On Sunday, millions of Russians left to elect their governors and deputies from various regions and the Moscow city hall. However, according to Roskomnadzor, violations were committed in the country by both […]

MAJOR: Czech Government on Verge of Collapse

PRAGUE – The Czech Social Democratic Party may withdraw from the government coalition, according to the head of the CSDP and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Gamachek , as reported on Czech Radio. This would cause the government to collapse, and require snap elections. Such a statement was made after his meeting with Prime Minister Andrei Babish with Czech President Milos Zeman on […]