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Oligarchs, corruption, and thuggery: local elections in Dnepropetrovsk (Part 2)

November 13, 2015 –  Aleksey Blyuminov, PolitNavigator –  Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski “Will Kolomoysky’s ‘aunts’ make Filatov the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk?” Long before the “revolution of dignity”, force had already begun to play an increasing role in Ukrainian electoral battles alongside financial, political, legal, and administrative resources. The first recorded example of […]

LPR election slogan: “To home, to Russia!”

September 18, 2015 –  Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator –  Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski  “LPR: Elections in Lugansk will be held under the slogan ‘To home, to Russia!” Local elections in the LPR will be held in fall under the slogan “To home, to Russia”, which will guarantee a high turnout and participation for the […]

Navalny is a Political Corpse

September 15th, 2015 –  Ruslan Ostachenko, PolitRussia –  Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear –  Dear friends, today I was going to sum up the results of elections in the city of Kostroma, but the circumstances say otherwise. Instead of summarizing the elections, the funeral of the Russian non-systemic opposition is held today. After what […]

Supported Sanctions–Lost Election

May 24, 2015 Supported Sanctions–Lost Election By Rujournalist Translated from Russian by J.Hawk Bronislaw Komorowski admitted defeat in the second round of Poland’s presidential elections. We wave and smile. The country’s next president will become the conservative Andrzej Duda.  What’s symptomatic is that Komorowski supported sanctions and underestimated the consequences of the retaliatory embargo and […]

Alexander Dugin: “Victory, and then democracy”

Alexander Dugin – VKontakte October 28, 2014 Democracy is not always and not everywhere a good thing. It’s situational. In the case of the Eastern regions of former Ukraine democracy used to be a relative good, as it somewhat held the attacks of Western Ukrainians. After the suspension of democracy in the course of Euromaidan, this protective mechanism has failed. […]

Is Kolomoisky more powerful then Poroshenko?

Rusvesna Kolomoisky right hand  Boris Filatov, famous for his FB post about Donbass: “Promise them anything, we will hang them later” made headlines once again. This time accusing  Poroshenko camp of manipulating election results to push the team of Dnepropetrovsk oligarch against the people representing the former Party of Regions (now rebranded Opposition Block, but still referred to as […]

After eliminating competition Kiev edges closer to anarchy by battling with itself

“Go to the elections, choose your own fascist!” Rostislav Ishchenko for the “Actual Comments” November 7, 2014 The expert community had awakened. Almost all. Even yesterday’s pessimists are no longer arguing about for how much and how will Novorossia be sold out, but solely on the timing of  the beginning of It is a comforting fact. Not because the experts […]