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Ukraine did not finish counting the votes due to Right Sector blocking access in 59th precinct

Rusvesna The Central Election Commission  CEC was not able to obtain data from the last district No. 59 in Marinka, Donetsk region [the part of Donetsk Region still under the control of Kiev]. Here, the commission could not enter data protocols into the information-analytical system ‘Elections’ on voting results from about 20 precincts. “This is the last district in […]

The car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk Right Sector and new Ukrainian PM exploded

Rusvesna  A car of the head of Dnepropetrovsk branch of the ‘Right Sector’ Andrey Denisenko blew up today in Dnepropetrovsk. No injuries were reported. “I arrived this morning to my mother’s in this car. Half an hour later there was an explosion”, – said Denisenko. “Thank God no one was hurt, but actually .” “Interestingly, at this very moment, when […]

The real reason for elections in Novorossia

@yurasumy Elections in any country is a process that is intended to solve certain problems. The problems are different: corruption, direction of the country, economic program, etc. Various problems. Elections are designed (although not always the case) to solve most of them. Let’s see what problems were solved by elections on October 26 and November 2. . The idea […]

German observer: unprecedented turnout in Donbass

Long lines after 22:00 in Alchevsk (Rusvesna) @ColonelCassad Yesterday’s elections in Donbass had unprecedented for Europe turnout, said the German observer Johann Ewald Stadler from the party “Reforms and conservatives”. “I would like to say I have never in my life seen so many people voting. Some people waited more than an hour to vote. For Europe […]

Right Sector wants to form a faction in Ukrainian Parliament

Editor of The Ukrainian Parliament may receive a parliamentary group from the Right Sector. Despite the fact that the Right Sector did not pass the 5% minimum cut off, gaining about 2% of the vote, its leaders are already working to create inter-parliament ultra-Nazi coalition – it will include the single-mandate candidates who share quite similar views. Note: […]

The victory of Bandera ideology will shrink Ukraine to the size of Banderastan

Oleg Bondarenko On the 26th of October 2014 parliamentary elections were held, which for the first time in the whole history of modern Ukraine have resulted in a Supreme Rada consisting of less than the legally stipulated minimal number of 450 elected representatives, of only just about 420. Without taking into account the areas where elections will […]

It doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted

Rusvesna   “We all remember Stalin’s famous saying, it doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters how the votes are counted. In our view, today’s regime is actually trying to live by this statement, and especially in areas where the Opposition Block has the greatest support”, – said Yuriy Boiko, the leader of the Opposition Block. According to him, […]

50 shades of brown of the new Ukrainian parliament

PolitNavigator   “New Rada will be nationalist-oriented, and it will not represent the views of approximately half or more of citizens of Ukraine, namely, inhabitants of the South-East,” – says political scientist Denis Denisov, Director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of CIS countries.  “We will see no more than 20-30 people who represent South-East Ukraine in the […]