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Head of Gazprom: The Role of Ukraine as a Gas Transporter Will Go Down to Zero

Vzgliad Business Paper “Nord Stream” and a Turkey pipeline will make the transit of gas through Ukraine meaningless, announced the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller in an interview to the TV program “Vesti on Saturday with Sergey Brilev”:  “Yes, in fact, the role of Ukraine as a transit country is reduced to zero,” – said Miller. […]


Russian Power will Keep Lugansk Lights on for the Holidays A creation of alternative energy systems of Lugansk Peoples Republic has been  completed. Lugansk is no longer dependent on TPP in the town of Schastye, said the head of the Center of Management of the Restoration of the Lugansk Republic (CUV LNR), Alexander Drobot -reported a correspondent of IA “Novorossia”. According to the head of Center, now, in the […]

All Ukrainians Want for Christmas is Coal

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine held an urgent meeting with the new Minister Vladimir Demchishin, in a frantic attempt to find a way out of a catastrophic situation with a shortage of coal at Ukrainian thermal power plants, reported “Ukrainian Pravda” on December 5, with reference to sources in the Ministry. It is noted that […]

Joaquin Flores: Europe Must Accept Russia as an Equal

Joaquin Flores from Belgrade’s Center for Syncretic Studies explains on Iran’s Press TV how Europe needs to bargain in good faith with Russia, not change terms after a tentative agreement is made, as in South Stream, and how Europe needs to do two things: first – realize that ; and second – in order to […]

Bloomberg: Ukraine LNG dreams may get stuck in the Bosporus Strait

Isis Almeida for Bloomberg Ukraine’s plan to diminish its energy dependence on Russia is adrift in the Bosporus Strait. The nation, which gets half its gas from Russia, wants to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on the Black Sea and held talks with Cheniere Energy Inc. (LNG) to import U.S. cargoes. The only path […]

The “taming” of Europe or Putin’s new compromise

Crimson Alter for Putin’s model of handling the internal and external partners, competitors and even enemies have long been known to all who are willing to look at things rationally. At the first stage, Putin offers a very good compromise. It is taken as a sign of weakness and rejected. At the second stage, […]

The death of South Stream – maidan in Turkey or government collapse in Bulgaria?

Yurasumy – Live Journal Yesterday was eventful with statements. The energy sector perhaps most important: “Given the fact that we still have not received permission from Bulgaria, we believe that Russia cannot continue the implementation of this project on these terms,” – said Putin, stressing that to start a project without permission from one of the countries “is ridiculous”. […]

Devastation breeds innovation

WWII brought a building boom to USSR Andrey Polevoy for Rusvesna On October 13, president of Ukrainian Energoatom Yuriy Nedashkovsky suggested to turn off the power supply to LPR and DPR. “Now the power is supplied to the territory, which is captured by separatists, and no payments are received. I think we need to disconnect this region,”- […]