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Ukrainian Officer: I have Killed your Children and Will Kill MORE!

Texas Censored! Watch a mirrored version of the video that YouTube PULLED from his channel in cynical abuse of TOS. May 31, 2019 Watch the mirrored version of an excellent video produced by Russel ‘Texas’ Bonner Bentley last year, in which he gives meaningful commentary about a clip where a regular member of the Ukrainian […]

Zelensky’s Security Advisor Promises: WAR ON RUSSIA WILL CONTINUE!

By Alexander Grishin – May 12, 2019 –  Vladimir Zelensky, elected president of Ukraine, prefers to remain silent for the last few days, but his partner Igor Kolomoisky and members of the “Z  team” do not tire of performing in various media outlets depicting the contours of the Ukrainian future. With very important (no matter how to relate to the […]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Argument Against New Borders for Kosovo and Serbia

Problems inherent in territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo and its repercussions for Serbs south of Ibar River For readers interested in the full report, of which the below is a summary, please follow this link: Territorial exchange between Serbia and Kosovo and its repercussions for Serbs south of Ibar river By: NGO Aktiv, North […]


SERBIA – Earlier today, FRN received reports from our field reporters in central Serbia that an armed Albanian death squad crossed into free Serbian territory from the occupied Serbian region of Kosovo – presently governed by Albania and the U.S – and proceeded to ransack the entire village. The village is located in central Serbia, […]

Popov: Russia can and should withdraw from the 1997 treaty with Ukraine

November 19, 2016 –  By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski –  The other day, the disturbing news came from Lvov, the unofficial capital of Ukrainian Galicia, that the Lvov regional council has filed a lawsuit to forcibly evict the Pushkin Russian Cultural Center. As the head of the regional council, […]

Croatia Owes Two Billion Euros to the Expelled Serbs

August 15th, 2015  Written by Srdjan Misljenovic Translated by Milan Djurasovic Serbs who were expelled from Croatia during Croatia’s “Operation Storm” have not yet collected compensation for their seized and destroyed property. They now want to give what they are owed to Obama and Merkel. Serbs who were forcibly expelled from the Croatia decided […]

Beautiful Donetsk Before the War [video]

June 9th, 2015 This was a 3 minute short made to attract Russian tourism to Donetsk, highlighting many of the city’s features, most of which have since been destroyed by the US backed Kiev Junta.  It is difficult for those of us closely following these events not to be moved by this.  We can see […]

Vauro: “The Americanist front is cracking”

Interview of Vauro Senesi by Lorenzo Maria Alvaro Published February 10, 2015 in Vita Magazine February 20, 2015 Translated from Italian by Tom Winter The satirist is one of the few people from the west to have been on the ground in the Donbass, the part of Ukraine called Novorossiya that is fighting against Kiev. […]