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VIDEO: Lockheed Martin Tries Selling Rebranded F-16 to India

WASHINGTON D.C – In February, Lockheed Martin, the giant US defense company unveiled the allegedly new jet and was offering it to India in response to the Indian Air Force’s RFI (Request For Information) for 110 fighters, worth over $15 billion. The F-21, in other words, a rebranded F-16, will compete with 7 other aircraft […]

CONFIDENCE IN NATO DETERIORATES – U.S F-16 jet is ‘the most expensive vacuum cleaner’, says European politician

SOFIA, Bulgaria – The United States does not show comradery with Bulgaria and tries to sell the country “the most expensive vacuum cleaner,” Rumen Petkov, president of Bulgaria’s Alternative Party for the Renaissance (ABR), said in regards to the purchase of US F-16 fighters. The statement comes as general confidence in NATO has deteriorated increasingly […]

US-Philippines relations DETERIORATE: Duterte says ‘Buying F-16 totally useless’

US-Philippine relations have taken yet another turn for the worse, after US negotiators led by  Defense Secretary James Mattis resulted in total failure. Mattis appears to have derailed negotiations by insulting the island nation’s duly elected president, Duterte. What outraged the Philippine president the most was the condescension and imperial hubris expressed by Mattis and Pompeo, […]

Putin signs a decree on special economic measures against Turkey

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 28th November, 2015 RIA The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and on application of special economic measures in relation to Turkey, said the press service of the Kremlin. The President of Russia Vladimir […]

Russian MoD presents the facts regarding Turkey’s act of aggression

Fort Russ – 28th November, 2015 Russian Ministry of Defense’s Facebook page In the course of appearance of different versions concerning circumstances of the attack on the Russian Su-24M aircraft carried out by the Turkish F-16 fighter in the sky over Syria on November 24, the Russian Defence Ministry presents facts of this situation unprecedented […]

Erdogan effigy burned in Simferopol

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 27th November, 2015 Outside the building of the Council of Ministers of Crimea in Central Simferopol a group of people burned an effigy, whose head was glued to the photo of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports Crimea. As a reminder, on the border with Syria, a […]

MoD Statement: “Militants were also searching for the Russian Pilot”

Fort Russ – November, 2015 (Taken from the Russian Ministry of Defence’s Facebook page) As you know, during the night of November 24-25, the mission on rescuing the pilot the Russian Su-24 bomber downed by a Turkish fighter aircraft over the territory of Syria continued for 12 hours All details of the operation cannot be […]

Marwa Osman on Russia Today – Russia’s right to self-defense

Fort Russ – 26th November, 2015 During the live special RT broadcast after the Su-24 plane was shot down by a Turkish F-16 jet, our colleague Marwa Osman explained the implications of what Turkey had just done, including what NATO might do, and what Russia could do. Marwa explained how Russia had the right to […]