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De-Bunking the Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy

Recently, I’ve noticed a strong resurgence of a lazy tendency to blame all the world’s problems on “the Jews”. At least 20% of my published articles over the past year have resulted in readers condemning me for not saying that Jews are the causal hand running the world and here

Bretton Woods Is Dead: What Next?

Two opposing systems operating on two conflicting sets of principles and standards are currently at war, where only one can succeed. Yet as much France’s Bruno Le Maire appears to be aware of the forces at play between two systems, he fails miserably to identify what the Bretton Woods System was meant to accomplish in the first place, or what type of “radical transformation” is needed to save Europe from the collapse of its own speculation-ridden system.

Forgotten Battles Against the Deep State Part 5

Many are now wondering if the secrets CSIS wished to remain hidden are tied to its own subversive behaviour, or if it relates to potentially embarrassing information on the role played by Canada’s third longest standing Prime Minister within the context of Britain’s geopolitical “Great Game” against the world.