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To Avoid a Collapse Means Restoring Glass-Steagall

In spite of what many of its progressive proponents would wish, a global green reform would not only impose Malthusian depopulation upon nation states globally were it accepted, but would establish a the supranational authority of a technocratic managerial elite as enforcers of a “de-carbonization agenda”.

MASSIVE: Immortal Regiment March in St. Petersburg yesterday tops 1.2 million

ST. PETERSBURG – May 9, 2019 –The Immortal Regiment March in St. Petersburg yesterday saw  1.18 million estimated participants. People celebrate Victory Day by carrying portraits of their relatives who fought against nazism, as well as portraits of the Soviet leaders and marshals/generals of the Red Army who lead the country during the war.   […]

DUGIN: Anti-Communism and Anti-Fascism are Tools of Capitalism

Translator’s note – These notes below correlate to a broader Russian language-only discourse on Dr. Dugin’s ‘Dugin’s Directive’ show, intended for Russian audiences. The results can lead to some confusion among Anglophone readers as well as those following events in Ukraine. For the record, Dr. Dugin has been a staunch advocate and supporter of self-described […]

TEXAS: Is Trump a Fascist? Like Obama & Clinton Before Him – YES

” Self-indulgence has its limits. There are times when reality cannot be blustered through.” A rejoinder to Norman Ball’s “Trump Vs. NPC’s: The Prattle-Whinge Of The Republic“ I can only laugh at anyone who still supports Trump or fails to understand that he is a distraction and a tool of the same evil masters who […]

‘Anti-Stalinism’ is Left-Wing Racism – Part 1

Published on: Jul 20, 2018 @ 01:09 By Jay Tharappel for FRN –  Why do some among the Left shriek in horror and cry ‘Stalinist’ upon hearing anything positive about the Soviet Union, China, or any other country where a Communist Party took power? Why does such Anti-Stalinism dominate the Left only in countries with a […]

Croatia: Fascism on the football field and beyond

Mision Verdad – The Soccer World Cup is par excellence a great sporting event full of underlying political lines. The victory of last Wednesday of Croatia against England, 2 goals against 1, it is worth saying, places the Balkan country for the first time in the showdown for the coveted cup.   Croatia, in this way, makes […]

Rising Fascism in the US? Think again

Please support J. Flores’ Patreon. Supporters like you make all of this happen. We can’t do this without you, and only with you can this be done. Thank you for supporting our work here at Fort Russ News. FRN’s Chief Editor, Joaquin Flores, gives his view on this media spectacle. There is no ‘fascist threat’ […]