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WATCH! Has Covid-19 Changed EVERYTHING? Podcast Front & Center #7

FRONT & CENTER # 7 – HAS COVID-19 CHANGED EVERYTHING?   In this special edition of F&C for CSS, Kirby and Flores exchange over how the Covid-19 pandemic has created a politics unseen before. Is this the new normal? The subjects they dig into: Are Educated Political Views So Great? Liberal Ideas are Shattered by […]

FLORES: Capitalism After Corona Lockdown – Having the Power to Walk Away

By Joaquin Flores For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. – Ephesians 6:12 Are you prepared for the ‘new normal’? What likely awaits us after the ‘reopening’ of society is not going to be acceptable to […]

FLORES: Europe’s Right to Self-Determination

  Self-Determination in Europe denied: Herland Report TV host, Hanne Nabintu Herland speaks to Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores about discrimination of Europeans as the indigenous people in Europe. The TV program also addresses the wave of illegal immigration into Europe, racism and the EU leadership’s demonization of patriotism. Watch it here. Why are we fighting for the right […]

FLORES: Video – Iran Will Find Justice, the Resistance Axis Will Prevail

Marwa Osman: The United States assassinated last week the most important symbol of the Axis of Resistance and its most effective operational strategist in the region. It’s impossible to exaggerate the influence wielded by martyr Qassem Soleimani in the 22 years he commanded the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force. This is by all means a […]


Demagoguery, empty promises, elections and ‘the people’. Does Democracy even exist? That depends on how we think of it. Kirby and Flores dig into this subject in this next installment of Front and Center Front and Center, Men! Watch the latest installment of Front & Center – the official podcast of the Center for Syncretic […]