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The Spirit of Apollo-Soyuz Is Alive… With the Russia/China Space Alliance

While U.S.-Russia space collaboration has moved at a snails pace even losing ground won in 1975, the Apollo-Soyuz spirit has expressed itself in another part of the world brilliantly, with the Russian-Chinese pact to jointly build a lunar base announced on July 23 by Roscosmos chief Dimitry Rogozin saying: “Recently, we have agreed that we will probably research the Moon and build a lunar research base together – Russia and China.”


Philippine Patriots Say ‘No to WWIII’ and ‘Yes to the New Silk Road’

The Philippines President Duterte’s recent announcement that the 1998 U.S.-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) would be cancelled has renewed hope that not only would this former U.S. colony finally attain freedom from imperial manipulation, but also that a new emerging age of infrastructure development can usher in an end of poverty and war in the Pacific.

America Loses Asia-Pacific as Full Spectrum Dominance Continues to Fail

Those American military officials promoting the obsolete doctrine of Full Spectrum dominance are dancing to the tune of a song that stopped playing some time ago. Both Russia and China have changed the rules of the game on a multitude of levels, and can respond with fatal force to any attack upon their soil with next generation weaponry beyond the scope of anything imagined by ivory tower game theorists in the west.

FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE: Russian Arctic Missile Systems May Work in the Tropics and the Desert

MOSCOW – The Arctic version of the Russian anti-aircraft missile system Tor can also be used effectively in the tropics and desert, said Fanil Ziyatdinov, director general of the Kupol electromechanical plant (Almaz-Antei consortium) to Sputnik agency. Fanil Ziyatdinov, general director of the Kupol electromechanical plant in the Russian city of Izhevsk and specializing in […]