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Atoms for Peace vs. Atoms for War: The Only Fix for Iran-U.S Relations

Not only has Iran’s Supreme Leader created a 2003 fatwa declaring nuclear weapons forbidden under Islamic Law, but Iranian leaders were already calling for the need to transition to a new and superior form of energy in order to escape the geopolitical constraints of oil politics over 70 years ago… ironically through the help of the USA!

Japan and Germany Hysterically Race to Shut Down Nuclear Power

Fear of radiation is a fraud pushed by a Malthusian lobby whose goal has been to dismantle the sovereign nation state by getting its victims to undermine their own basis of existence. This is the realization of the Trilateral Commission policy announced by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker who called for a “controlled disintegration” of industrial civilization in 1978. This is the program of Maurice Strong as he decapitated Canada’s nuclear program in the 1990s and called for the collapse of industrial civilization. This is the policy which is at the heart of the Green New Deal being spread by London bankers like Mark Carney and Prince Charles which is really just another name for de-population.

Global Energy Forecast: Oil, Gas, Fusion or War?

Oil is hostage to human laziness, fear and greed  May 20, 2016 Alexey Anpilogov Energy expert, Dnepropetrovsk native, president of Foundation for support of scientific research and development of citizen initiatives “Osnovaniye”, one of the leaders of Dnepropetrovsk resistance during the Russian spring of 2014, head of coordination center “The New Rus”, headed the […]