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Libya is the New ‘Eldorado’ for Mercenary Pilots

By Strategika51 – English translation by Steve Bruce for FRN Libya is the new Eldorado for military pilot mercenaries from around the world. That’s because two rival governments in Libya –  Sarraj’s GNA and Haftar’s LNA – employ mercenary pilots, from more than fifty countries for tactical missions. The work is very well paid […]

BBC’s Tripoli – Pro-GNA Journalism in the service of Empire

By Vladimir Gujaničić – If it is known from the beginning of the Haftar march in Tripoli that the UK, along with Turkey and Qatar, supports the Muslim Brotherhood government in Tripoli, the BBC’s reporting on the ground goes beyond the boundaries of bias and unprofessionalism. The BBC reporter in Tripoli Feras Kilani reported a […]

The charge: Sarkozy had €50 million motive to bomb Gaddafi

Officially, the purpose of NATO’s intervention was “to prevent a president from killing his people”. Unofficially, the mission was to quash a voice that became a little too embarrassing. By using the strong way, the former tenant of the Elysee thought he could bury the Libyan guide and all his secrets with him.

VIDEO – THE COMING BATTLE FOR TRIPOLI: Why Does Haftar Have the Advantage?

By Vladimir Gujanicic – At this moment we are witnessing a very important battle that began with the capital of Tripoli Libya. The forces of General Haftar are advancing from the south and have already taken over international airports. The Tripoli militias send aid to their allies in Tripoli to stop this inevitability. General Haftar’s […]

Hannibal Gaddafi: I was arrested only because I am the son of Muammar Gaddafi

MOSCOW, Russia – In an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti, Hannibal Gaddafi, one of the sons of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, revealed how he was kidnapped in Syria and eventually imprisoned in Lebanon, and explained what he really knows about the disappearance of the famous Shi’ite leader Musa at-Sadr. The desecration of the Libyan […]