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Yuri Gorodnenko: “Founding of Galician “Independence” can be called into question”

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 12th June, 2016 Svpressa 1918. Western Ukrainian land is proclaimed a separate Republic – the West Ukrainian People’s Republic. A few days later the Galicians sign an agreement with the Ukrainian People’s Republic on unification. Despite the Declaration, the actual merger never happens. The Galician government retains autonomy […]

DeSovietize Ukraine? Then Poland wants its pre-1939 lands back. Discussion

Original title: The echo of de-sovietization: The US gives green light to Poland for the break-up of Ukraine Antifascist October 24, 2015 Translated from Russian by Tom Winter October 25, 2015 Kiev’s frenzied de-communization and de-Sovietization entailed inevitable tragedy for the state of Ukraine, in the form in which it exists today, because the country […]

Polish rap group “Basti”: “A Ukrainian will never be my friend!”

October 1st, 2015 – – Translated by Paul Siebert “While I am Pole, any Ukrainian won’t be my friend…  Also it’s impossible to forget everything that Banderovites made to us!  They marauded, mocked, scoffed and killed girls, small children…  pinned them on bayonets. Also it’s hard to believe that the person can make it!  What […]

Brothers Luzhetsky: “Our own father ratted us to SBU”

Brothers Luzhetsky August 25, 2015 Translated by Kristina Rus KR: Someone once said, history is just a collection of biographies. In today’s Ukraine, ‘geopolitics’ is just a collection of family tragedies (thousands more like this one).  Alexander Chalenko Interview of Alexander Chalenko from with Ukrainian political prisoners, brothers Luzhetsky, Yaroslav and Dmitry, who […]

Illegal sale of Uranium-238 prevented in Western Ukraine

August 5th, 2015 Russian RT Translated by Kristina Rus As a result of a counter-intelligence special operation employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained members of an organized crime group, intending to illegally sell nuclear materials. According to the press service of the SBU, the operation took place in Ivano-Frankovsk region of Ukraine […]

Stories from Oles Buzina: Unheroic “bandera”

July 28th, 2015 By: Oles Buzina, translated by Nina Kouprianova, first published at Nina Byzantina Much like his caustic historic text on SS Galicia, Ukrainian author Oles Buzina was not very fond of Stepan Bandera—another one of official Kiev’s current ‘heroes’. This following prophetic text, written in 2011, also demonstrates why Buzina became a political […]

Ukrainian military launches airstrikes against Right Sector

July 18. 2015 Ukrainian military launches airstrikes against Right Sector Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk According to available information published by and, at approximately 2000 hours an Mi-8 helicopter equipped with anti-tank guided missile launchers delivered a group of Ukrainian soldiers to between the town of Velikoye Bereznoye and the village of Zabryd. […]

Pro-Autonomy Rally in Lvov

July 18, 2015 Pro-Autonomy Rally in Lvov Translated from Russian by J.Hawk About 300 activists from civil society organizations held a rally where they demanded autonomy for the Lvov Region. reports that Galicia autonomy supporters held signs which read: “Poroshenko betrayed his people,” “Special Status for Galicia–Genuine Autonomy for Lvov Region!”, “Galicia Is Europe!”, […]

The Right Sector People’s Republic of Lvov

“Don’t feed the lions!” [Lions in Russian is the same as ‘Lvov’] July 15, 2015 Grigory Ignatov Journalist’s Truth Translated by Kristina Rus The Lvov “Pravo-Sich” What are the real prospects of the “Right sector” in the current situation of direct conflict with the authorities? All the dreams of the all-Ukrainian “Maidan 3.0”, which would […]

MP Gavrilyuk: Ukrainian government is being subverted by a gay conspiracy

Original by “Zolotoi Baton” (Embezzlement TV). Translated by Tatzhit. Past the 1 minute mark, this interview turns into a real trainwreck, he basically claims Ukrainian government is being subverted by a gay conspiracy (transcript added below). And remember – this dude actually votes on Ukraine’s laws. He’s actually one of the better MPs – not […]