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DEBUNKED: Azerbaijan Caught Using Lousy False Flags to Justify Using Cluster Munitions Against Armenian Civilians (VIDEOS)

BAKU – In recent days, and in the wake of multiple resounding defeats at the hands of Artsakh defenders, Azerbaijan has resorted to firing 300mm rockets, armed with banned cluster submunitions, against residential areas of multiple Armenian cities and towns, primarily the capital of the Republic of Artsakh, Stepanakert. In order to justify its campaign […]

Greek-Canadian Senator Betrays Ottoman-Greek Genocide Recognition Cause

A Greek-Canadian Senator has brought the wrath of the Greek Genocide Resource Center for embarking on a campaign of division and historical revisionism. WARNING: Do not support this man OR his Conservative Party at the upcoming Canadian elections. Greek-Canadian Senator Leo Housakos has embarked on a reckless program of genocide exclusion. Last year he presented […]


by Jonathan Azaziah – Hell’s bells are ringing because one of its own, the serial warmonger, nation-destroyer, terrorism-enthusiast and Zionist slave John McCain, has finally returned home. Yes, the longtime Arizona Senator and murderous minion of the Empire has died and gone to Jahannam. Don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media’s coverage of his death… […]

Palestine Paradigm: The Perverse Victimhood of Bloody Occupiers

I don’t often write about “Israel”/Palestine because it’s just such a clear-cut case of right and wrong that it almost seems like an unnecessary effort. I mean, it’s just about the only global issue that even the Western Left gets right, if you exclude one or two marginal Trotskyist sects and that segment of the […]

The Balkan Wars: The Bosnian puppet state of NATO

The following piece is based on an informative overview of the 90’s war between former Yugoslav states. It was not without flaws, some I’ve rejoined in the text, others I’ve outright omitted from the source cited at the bottom. Others may still remain. Nevertheless, here is what we present to you …. * The war in Bosnia […]

Poroshenko’s new pet legal project could mean war with Russia

June 21, 2017 – Fort Russ –  By Eduard Popov – translated by J. Arnoldski –  On June 19th, Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced plans to submit a bill on “reintegrating Donbass” to the Verkhovna Rada. For now the whole content of the document remains unknown to the general public, but Poroshenko’s administration will likely organize […]