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Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov made waves today, dispelling numerous rumors and laying to waste much ‘speculation’ about Russia’s role in Syria, with regard to Iran and Israel.  After difficult talks today in a meeting between senior Russian and US delegations to discuss Syria, in Geneva, Switzerland, Ryabkov’s statements today mirror those of Russian Foreign Minister […]


ISRAEL’S STRATEGIC COLLAPSE: How Putin Sandbagged Netanyahu

Resulting from Russia’s declaration that it would be establishing eight militarized outposts along the de facto Syria-Israel border, the UN has been prodded into action, and is re-engaging its own responsibilities to monitor the region. The UN previously was unable to perform, due to pressure from the US, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia chiefly, to […]

The Geostrategy of Gazprom

June 18, 2016 –  Valentin Vasilescu, Katehon –  Translated by J. Arnoldski The routes of the most important Russian gas pipelines in Europe coincide with the main military operative directions, alongside which the invasion of Russia and Russian counter-offensive may be conducted.  Gas becomes a new tool in the Great War of Continents. Since the […]

The Coming War with Qatar

December 2nd, 2015 –  Katehon –  Qatar is one of the most rich monarchies in the Persian Gulf, and an important player on the geopolitical and geo-economic field. Despite the small size of the state, its geostrategic position with enormous economic resources, and channel Al Jazeera as an information resource, turn it into an important opponent […]

Russia’s Five Fronts

November 30th, 2015 Katehon In the near future, the Kremlin will be forced to focus on five areas of conflict, which are evident from the explicit and indirect threats to the Russian state. Turkey as a new element of instability Increased activity from Turkey, with the support of the US and the EU, could put […]

Yemen Stands Alone – attacked by Saudi Arabia since March

November 23rd, 2015 –  By: Marwa Osman – Khumaer –  Saudi airstrike targeting Sanaa Province. Khaled Abdullah/Reuters Yemen has been under relentless airstrike attacks by Saudi Arabia since March 26. Over 7,000 people having been killed in Yemen since the start of the vicious war on the poorest Arab country. The military aggression is supposedly meant to […]

Yemen Conflict and the Emergence of a Russian-Shia alliance

November 23rd, 2015 –  Katehon –  There are many ways to interpret and to understand what is going on in Yemen. First of all we can put these events into the main geopolitical framework. There is a kind of confrontation between a Land power and a Sea Power that represent two poles, two limits, two borders […]

U.S vs. Russia: Military Spending difference, no big deal

November 6th, 2015 –  Svyatoslav Knyazev for Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear –  One of the key items in which the Russian army is put below the U.S. in various ratings is the size of the military budget. And the recently announced top countries with the biggest defense spending at first glance, […]

Political Crisis in Montenegro: A letter to the occupation authorities

November 3rd, 2015 –  Fort Russ – By: Gojko Raicevic, translated by Novak Drashkovic –  Gojko Raicevic, the editor of the IN4S portal, has submitted a written report on the unknown policemen to the Podgorica center for security, and has written a letter addressed to the top level police commanders. We bring to you the […]

Behind the Syrian War: Part 1 Introduction

November 3rd, 2015 –  Analysis –  By: Joaquin Flores –  A six part report investigating the real causes of the war on Syria Part I:  Overcoming obstacles in writing and reporting on the Syrian Conflict – Introduction The debate surrounding the origins of the war in Syria is of critical importance.  The outcome of this […]