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Analyst: US’s Military Options in Ukraine are Ruined

September 3rd, 2015 – – translated for FR by J. Arnoldski –  American political commentator for Salon magazine, Patrick Smith, believes that the US has failed in Ukraine, and that such was inevitable after the coup that Washington orchestrated in Kiev last year. The chaotic Poroshenko government is too weak to be an effective weapon […]


Poroshenko’s Close Ties with Russian Elites

August 12th, 2015 By: Christina Melnikova for Novorosinform –  translated by J. Arnoldski [Editor’s Note: This article describes a dynamic we have covered before:  After the US suffered its major setbacks with Crimea’s secession and the Novorossiya uprisings, they needed the EU and Russia to help re-manage part of the situation.  So much for ‘F*ck the EU’, […]

The North Korea of Eastern Europe

2 August 2015 The North Korea of Eastern Europe By J.Hawk When considering the relationship Poroshenko’s Ukraine has with the rest of the world, one has to keep in mind he, too, has a political objective of his own (i.e., survival) and certain strategy at his disposal that he can use to pursue that objective. […]

Why is Bosnia Important to Russia?

July 30th, 2015 By: Stevan Gajic, edited by Joaquin Flores from Together with Serbian Krajina (territory in today’s Croatia) Bosnia and Herzegovina represents the western part of the Serbian ethnic map, which in practice means it is the most western territory compactly inhabited by Eastern-Orthodox Christian Slavs. Bosnia’s proximity to the Mediterranean basin and […]

Russia’s West Balkans Strategy: Getting Around the Buffer Zone

July 2nd, 2015 Fort Russ from Katehon Analysis By: Stevan Gajić  Stevan Gajić works as a researcher at Belgrade’s Institute of European Studies, he also leads the Belgrade Centre for Eurasian Studies. He studied Political Science at the University of Belgrade and Central and East European Slavonic Studies at the University College London.  In addition to his native Serbian, […]