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MAJOR: RT West Files ICC Case Over Use of Sarin Gas Employed at Ghouta

Complaint concerning the crime of sarin gas employed at Ghouta, Syria, in August of 2013. RT West’s meta-historical and social notes regarding his filed, formal complaint to the International Criminal Court regarding. The body of ICC complaint is linked to his blog at the bottom, where it first published for the public. ‘Its been 3 […]

Syrian government begins reconstruction of Damascus-Homs highway

DOUMA, Syria – Since Douma has allegedly become free of terrorists, reconstruction of this section of the strategic Damascus-Homs began on Monday. Construction on the highway reportedly began two weeks ago, but was limited due to ongoing violence in Douma. Now, the highway is reported to likely reopen within the next two to three weeks. The […]

MAP: East Ghouta completely cleared of terrorist forces

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – The entirety of the East Ghouta pocket to the east of Damascus city center has officially been completely cleared of all terrorist forces operating in the region. The operation began less than a month and a half ago, effectively bringing a quick victory to pro-government forces against what was meant to be […]

Did carbon monoxide kill people during the Duma chemical weapon attack?

EAST GHOUTA, Syria – With tens of people undoubedly being killed in an attack in East Ghouta’s Duma blamed on chemical weapons and perpetrated by the Syrian government, despite no evidence being provided, another theory has emerged suggested those killed was by carbon monoxide poisoning. Twitter user @tarek_oo7 made a case why in a series […]

US State Department threatens “immediate response” for chemical attack in Syria

WASHINGTON D.C., The United States – State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert has said that there needs to be “an immediate response” against Syria for the chemical weapon attacks that occurred in the East Ghouta town of Duma that is occupied by the Jaish al-Islam terrorist group. “Reports from a number of contacts and medical personnel on the ground […]