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Globalist IMF Rolls-out New Package aimed at Further Impoverishing Ukraine

KIEV – After the Verkhovna Rada adopted the so-called anti-Kolomoisky law, in Kiev it was expected that the IMF would begin to implement a new ‘cooperation program’ which historically has furthered the rise of poverty, unemployment, prostitution, crime, and human trafficking in Ukraine. . However, it soon became clear that for this Ukraine needs to […]


Brazilians Are FED UP With ‘JURISTOCRACY’

By Raphael Machado, New Resistance Brazil – However much we may disagree with the Enlightenment mode of state organization, based on the notion of division into three powers, each exercising part of sovereign power, we must affirm that in the very least this form of organization of institutions is reasonably orderly and allows for clearly […]

Op-ed: Fake Liberalism as a tool for Trans-Atlantic Globalists

What people refer to as “liberalism” nowadays has nothing to do with the real Liberalism. These days, “liberalism” is just a default ideology that services the interests of the big Trans-Atlantic corporations and financial institutions, the institutions and the people of power who can be loosely described as globalists. If a person describes himself as […]