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Libyans Increasingly Look to Haftar and Russia to Pull Libya from Muslim Brotherhood’s Failed State

By Aleksandr Kots – war correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), among the few journalists from the Russian media who is in Benghazi, reports from the war-torn country where havoc reigns for the past eight years . NEW OPPORTUNITIES The stone-colonnade of the Benghazi embankment – the eastern capital of Libya, which became opposition stronghold during the […]


BBC’s Tripoli – Pro-GNA Journalism in the service of Empire

By Vladimir Gujaničić – If it is known from the beginning of the Haftar march in Tripoli that the UK, along with Turkey and Qatar, supports the Muslim Brotherhood government in Tripoli, the BBC’s reporting on the ground goes beyond the boundaries of bias and unprofessionalism. The BBC reporter in Tripoli Feras Kilani reported a […]

MAJOR: Emerging Libyan Leader Hafter now poised to take Tripoli

By Vladimir Gujanicic – Gujanicic is a military history and strategy expert based in Serbia, who works on projects in tandem with the Center for Syncretic Studies and Fort Russ News LIBYA – The following is a complete update on the entire situation in Libya. Days ago, Haftar was in Moscow where he met with […]