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WHAT DO VENEZUELANS THINK? People blame Trump for the country’s economic situation

WASHINGTON DC – Venezuelans are aware that the economic sanctions imposed by the United States are affecting the country’s economy. That’s William Camacaro, founder and coordinator of the Bolivarian Circle of New York Alberto Lovera, said. “The situation is difficult. The sanctions are difficult for ordinary people,” Camacaro said. “Despite this, you do not see […]

Thierry Meyssan – Israel Against The Venezuelans

By Thierry Meyssan – Yet another attempted coup d’etat took place the 24 June 2019 in Venezuela. All the protagonists were arrested, and the Minister for Information, Jorge Rodríguez, delivered a lengthy explanation on television about the ins and outs of the affair. Indeed, unlike the previous attempts, this conspiracy had been observed for 14 […]

TRAITOR: Guaidó officially begs for US military invasion of Venezuela

CARACAS – Carlos Vecchio, the representative of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, reported that he officially requested support for the US Southern Command to advance strategic and operational planning. “I write at the direction of the Interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido. We are grateful to the United States for its friendship, resolve and readiness […]

White House instructs Guaido to instruct his envoy to meet Pentagon officials

WASHINGTON – The White House has instructed its own appointed leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, to instruct his self-declared envoy to the United States to meet with Pentagon officials, in order to work out “joint actions” of a military-intelligence nature. The aim is to overcome the political crisis which they themselves have reified […]

MAJOR: American Authorities Cut-off Power and Water to Venezuelan Embassy – Violating Vienna Convention, International Law

WASHINGTON – The Venezuelan diplomatic mission in Washington now goes into an entire week without electricity, when U.S sanctioned saboteurs illegally shut-off the utility. Peace activists sympathetic to the Venezuelan government have been demonstrating in support of the embassy of Venezuela in the United States ( US ), based in Washington, and report that the siege to which they have been […]