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Hegel in light of the Fourth Political Theory & Laocracy – A Brief Outline

By Luiz Campos – Member of NR-Brazil in MG, teaches History and Philosophy The philosophy of the German Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has interesting tools to offer to dissenting thinking. Concepts such as dialectic, praxis and Volkgeist, if adapted to our struggle, become instruments of analysis and action. Incidentally, such adaptation is fundamental, which also involves the […]

From ‘End Of History’ To ‘End Of Democracy’ – Why Fukuyama Now Likes China

In the past week, comments have surfaced from Francis Fukuyama – aka the man who prophesied that the perceived ascendancy of ‘liberalism’ in the late 80s and early 90s meant history was now ‘over’ – claiming Chinese system is a “real alternative” to ‘Western democracy’. Fukuyama’s comments can be, ‘read’ here: I am SHOCKED, […]

VIDEO: What is the Strategy of Eurasianism? A Critical Examination in Brief

The below video is an excellent exposition of Eurasianism, but not without defect which I’ll be exploring in brief.   One weakness which it does inadvertently highlight in Eurasianist theory is this: The “peninsula of peninsulas” at the western extremity of the Eurasian land-mass is still part of Eurasia. “Europe” is not a continent of […]

Stalin Reconsidered: From a Hegelian Eurasianist Perspective

“Stalin didn’t walk away into the past. He dissolved into the future.” – Charles de Gaulle. “I am not a European, but a Russified Georgian-Asiatic.” – Joseph Stalin, 1937 “History is not the theatre of happiness.” – Hegel The first time Churchill met Stalin, at the 1943 Tehran conference, he noted Stalin’s sharp intellect and […]

Two Distinct Processes of Civilizational Self-Destruction: An Analogy

  “The state’s consciousness and the most conspicuous education are found in the middle-class, to which the state-officials belong. The members of this class, therefore, form the pillars of the state in regard to rectitude and intelligence. The state, if it has no middle-class, is still at a low stage of development. In Russia, for […]


China cannot be described as communist, but it cannot be described as capitalist either – it is something new, or perhaps a synthesis of something new with something very, very old. Neo-Confucianism has been rehabilitated as part of China’s industrial ideology. Through China, communism, capitalism and neo-Confucianism have all become aufgehoben. Negation and synthesis, a […]

The Irish Crimean: Christian Orthodoxy and Hegel

August 1, 2017 – Fort Russ News –  Op-ed by Padraig Joseph McGrath – “The Irish Crimean” For the last 3 years, I have been living in Simferopol, Crimea. In that time, I have discussed Orthodox theology with people many, many times. It has gradually led me to rethink the task of interpreting the Calvary-narrative. Just to […]