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Netanyahu: Israel Has Carried out Dozens of Operations in Syria

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 11th April, 2016 RT Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, for the first time, acknowledged that the Israeli Army has conducted many operations in Syria. “When it is necessary to act, we act. We operate here outside of our country, undertaking dozens of attacks, to prevent weapons that […]


Israeli Intelligence: “We Are Aware of Hezbollah’s Anti-Air Missiles”

Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ By Elijah J.Magnier A senior Israeli officer in the 8200 intelligence unit confirmed, “a few months ago, Hezbollah intentionally aimed its newly acquired anti-air system at a jet flying over Lebanon at medium altitude. This shows that Hezbollah has obtained medium range anti-air missiles, which pose a direct […]

Is an Israeli-Hezbollah War Imminent?

Translated by Sufyan Jan for Fort Russ 8th March, 2016 by Elijah J.Magnier  Tel Aviv seeks to enter into Syria to shut its borders with Lebanon…but will Moscow allow it?  Tensions are rising as Tel Aviv claims that the Israeli army is preparing for war against Hezbollah, and that Israel seeks this, as a hostile […]

Why Is Hezbollah in Syria & Until When?

Fort Russ – 25th January, 2016 by Elijah J Magnier Edited by Ollie Richardson Iran Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei described Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria and its effects as follows: “Hezbollah has changed the destiny. Hezbollah stopped the regime from falling and is turning the course of the battle from a great defeat into the path […]

Israel Shells Lebanon

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 4th January, 2016 Tvzvezda Approximately 50 shells were fired by Israeli artillery towards southern Lebanon, including an army base. As was reported by RIA Novosti, the shelling of the town of al-Wazzani, al-Mari and a military base is located in the border area of Sheba. According to preliminary […]