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Argentina’s President Macri takes orders from Netanyahu – decrees Hezbollah a ‘terrorist organization’

BUENOS AIRES – Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu telephoned President Mauricio Macri to thank him for his political decision to describe Hezbollah as a terrorist organization , accused of terrorist attacks on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the AMIA. Netanyahu spoke with Macri two hours ago to make explicit his recognition of a state decision […]

Hezbollah says new sanctions are aimed at attacking Lebanon

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s Hezbollah political party said on Thursday that new US sanctions against three of its officials, including two lawmakers, have widened Washington’s attack on Lebanon. The measure marks the first time that the United States targets lawmakers of the Hezbollah anti-Zionist Shi’ite movement, heavily armed and backed by Iran, which is part of […]

Nasrallah: Without Hezbollah, South Lebanon would be Israel

Transcript by Sayed Hasan One of the most important results of this (May 25), 2000 victory, which was confirmed and strengthened over time, is to have shaped the equation of force in Lebanon. In 2000, with the Israeli defeat, it became clear that in Lebanon, a force had imposed on the Israeli enemy (by force) […]

VIDEO – Nasrallah: ISIS is Still a US-Israeli Asset

By Sayed Hasan – Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 2, 2019, on the occasion of the commemoration of the martyrdom of Commander Mostapha Badreddine, known as ‘Zulfiqar’, who was killed in Syria in May 2016. Translation:   Transcript: […] The other subject (I want to talk about), my second point, […]

Nasrallah: Israel TOO WEAK to Launch a New War, Beware of Media

Editor’s note – This is an important speech from April 22nd, which establishes beyond any doubt the words of Marwa Osman, whom FRN quoted directly, against the ‘so-called reliable leaks’ published by the Kuwaiti press, by a turn-coat renegade, former supporter of the resistance,  Elijah J. Magnier. At the time, observers who do not have […]