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Hezbollah: Trump Wages Economic War on the Whole World

Translated by Sayed Hasan – * Transcript: […] The last point I want to mention before concluding is that a few hours ago, [Mike] Pompeo gave a speech, and I want to introduce my last point today with his statements. He said… You know that there are US sanctions against Iran on oil exports. […]


Osman: Debunking Lies that Nasrallah expects to be Killed in coming Summer War between Israel and Resistance

By Dr. Marwa Osman – I made a video on twitter to talk about how Elijah J. Magnier got roasted by Sayyed #Nasrullah in his speech today for writing false claims for Alrai Newspaper Kuwait and pinning them to the resistance secretary general. @ejmalrai just got roasted by #Nasrullah — Marwa Osman (@Marwa__Osman) April 22, 2019 Sayyed Nasrullah asked […]

Hezbollah Warns Israel: All Options Are on the Table

Translated By ‘Sayed Hasan’ Hassan Nasrallah Warns Israel: All Options Are on the Table Interview of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General, with Ghassan Ben Jeddou, founder of the pan-Arab and anti-imperialist Al-Mayadeen channel, January 26, 2019. This live interview, much expected in Israel and the Arab world, lasted for more than 3 hours Transcript: […]

Hezbollah denies having cells in Venezuela despite imperialist insistence

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The Hezbollah leader has denied US accusations that he has cells in Venezuela. Hassan Nasrallah said on Saturday that his group did not “need them”. He also said that his organization is in “solidarity with the political leadership and the State of Venezuela against American aggression.” Nasrallah added that his group has […]

Nasrallah: Resistance forces ended ISIS, not U.S

BEIRUT – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said that it was the Resistance forces who put an end to ISIS, adding that the US army only delayed ISIS’ elimination. At the start of his speech today, Hassan Nasrallah said millions of Iranians took to streets during the celebration of the 40th anniversary of […]

Hezbollah Official: Our Missiles Can Reach Any Point in Israel

BEIRUT, Lebanono – Hezbollah is capable of reaching any point in Israel with its missiles, said Sheikh Naim Qassem, deputy secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement in an interview with the Iranian newspaper al-Vefagh. “There is not a single point in the occupied territories beyond the reach of Hezbollah missiles,” Qassem said. According to […]

Flores: Was an Israeli War-Plane Downed? Did Israel Attack ‘Iranian Assets’? Unwrapping Mixed Reports

By Joaquin Flores:  On the evening of Thursday November 29th, the Israeli Air-force attempted an attack and bombing run on several targets in Syria. At the time it happened, we reported the breaking news. Read more: ‘BREAKING: Israel ATTACKS Syria, Results In TOTAL BLUNDER UPDATES COMING IN‘ Since then, FRN has received numerous reports from independent journalists […]