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Russia’s Ideological Mastermind Alexander Dugin explained by Michael Millerman

On The Agenda with Steve Paikin, Michael Millerman discusses the philosophy of Alexander Dugin and its influence on Vladimir Putin and contemporary Russian geopolitics. It’s a wide-ranging interview that covers Dugin’s theory of Eurasianism, his critique of the West and liberal democracy, the defense of Russia as a unique, non-Western civilization in its own right, […]


Joaquin Flores: Fourth Generation Warfare Decoded

Time Monk Radio Network 1.5 Hours, audio.  Joaquin Flores from Center for Syncretic Studies: “A healthily skeptical interview, I am pressed about the theory and practice of Fourth Generational Warfare (4GW). I explain its features, as well as touch on the history of the theory, the individuals involved in coming up with it. * I […]

The lost lessons of forgotten Civil War. Bandera and Che Guevara.

Excerpt from interview with Igor Chubais, the author of “The Russian Idea” When the Great Patriotic War began, a powerful guerrilla movement also started, organized from the center of Moscow. But also a confrontation with own government and a civil war began, which never hapenned before in Russian history. If an enemy attacked, if the French marched to Russia, all […]

Lugansk lights up the Eternal Flame after an anti-fascist march

Lugansk news – For the first time in five years in Lugansk an Eternal Flame was lit up in memory of the fallen in the Great Patriotic War. An anti-fascist march preceded the ceremony, which was attended by the administration of Lugansk People’s Republic and 4 thousand residents of Lugansk. The fire was out for five years […]

Socialism vs. Capitalism – the Russian example The Soviet State as a really effective owner cleverly manipulated human resources and assets. Now … It would be funny if it wasn’t scary. A simple example:   Ten coal mines. At each mine – one thousand workers. At five mines the cost of coal is one ruble. Three – five rubles. And two – ten roubles. Average cost […]

Kiev forces lost 47 thousand people – Vladimir Rogov interview

Video – Poznavatelnoe TV   Select highlights from an hour-long Vladimir Rogov interview to Poznavatelnoe TV. Vladimir Rogov is one of the leaders of Novorossia liberation movement and a leader of Slavic Guard:   “According to our insider contacts in the Ukrainian military command in Kiev, this is the National Security Council data of military losses from May […]

Slavo-Serbia – the Serbian roots of Novorossia

Wikipedia Slavo-Serbia was a territory of Imperial Russia between 1753 and 1764. It was located by the right bank of the Donets River between the Bakhmut and Luhan rivers. This area today constitutes the territories of present-day Luhansk Oblast and Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine. The administrative centre of Slavo-Serbia was Bakhmut (Bahmut), present day Artemovsk. […]

Ukrainian nation is 100 years old (according to their newspaper archives)

  Dmitry Sedov for Rusvesna It turns out back in 1893, the newspaper of immigrants from Malorossia, ‘Svoboda’ called its readers ‘Russian’ and the subtitle was “Chronicles of the Russian people in America.” Despite the efforts of two Polish nobles, Ptotsky and Chatsky, at that time the names ‘Ukraine’ and ‘Ukrainian’ were not yet common. The […]