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Pink-washed Imperialism: Queering the World for Capital

By Jonathan McCormack – There are—the teary-eyed politicians tell us—primitive peoples still darkly groping about in this current year without the blessings of our own enlightened, Western sexual values. President Trump has, therefore, pledged to civilize these backward lands, waging war against the criminalization of homosexuality. His announcement came soon after a report of the […]

MAJOR: Chief treasurer of the Vatican convicted of pedophilia

The chief treasurer of the Vatican, Australian Cardinal George Pell, was found guilty of pedophilia. During the investigation, five cases of sexual abuse twenty years ago against two children were proven. The court recognized that in 1996 Pell committed violent acts against two boys from the choir in the rooms of the cathedral in Melbourne. The Melbourne court issued […]

Poklonskaya: Children should not have same-sex parents, as in Europe

The Duma Deputy and former prosecutor general of the Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, has given journalists an interview in relation to her new book, and in her view, the way that Russia defends traditional values. – Natalia Vladimirovna, they say that there is a bill in the works, prohibiting surrogate motherhood. Is this true? – The […]