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Poll: Hong Kong Residents Overwhelmingly Against Independence From China

Hong Kong, China – Only 17 percent of Hong Kong residents are in favor of seeking independence from China and almost half blame the city government for civil unrest, rather than the government in Beijing, a new poll showed. The Reuters survey conducted by the Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute shows that, while 59 […]

Xi: Hong Kong, Macau Nobody’s Business But China’s

BEIJING – Chinese President Xi Jinping stated on Friday that Hong Kong and Macau affairs are exclusively China’s internal affair, noting that Beijing will not allow foreign influences to interfere. “I want to emphasize here that, after the return of Hong Kong and Macao to the homeland, the affairs of the two special administrative regions […]

MAJOR: China Arrests Two for Espionage on Hong Kong Internal Affairs

Hong Kong – China has arrested two people for espionage for hostile forces in the United States and other foreign forces, who interfere in Hong Kong affairs, authorities announced. The Chinese official Guangdong Communist Party newspaper cited local authorities on Saturday, saying they had arrested a citizen from Belize for allegedly colluding with elements in […]

Police, Protesters Clash at University in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China – Clashes broke out in Hong Kong between police forces and protesters at the Polytechnic University (PolyU) in the north of the semi-autonomous Chinese city. On Sunday, police fired tear gas to disperse PolyU students lighting fires on the campus and blocking the nearby entrance to the crucial Cross Harbour Tunnel. The […]

Hong Kong Turning Into a Virtual War Zone: Rioters Set a Man on Fire While Using Catapults, Javelins to Attack University Campuses, Metro Stations and the Police (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Hong Kong, China – Protests in Hong Kong reached new heights of violence, with bomb-throwing rioters seizing control of university campuses and pushing out police while authorities admit that the riot-ravaged city hangs by a thread. Demonstrators armed to the teeth with Molotov cocktails, javelins, and (in one case, at least) a chainsaw have seized […]

Pro-Beijing Hong Kong Lawmaker Stabbed in Apparent Assassination Attempt

Hong Kong, China – A Hong Kong lawmaker aligned with the territory’s pro-Beijing camp was attacked by a knife-wielding man in what appeared to be an attempt on his life, captured in shocking footage shared online. Currently running for a District Council position in an upcoming election, legislator Junius Ho was suddenly attacked on Wednesday […]