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MAJOR: Russian Air force strikes Turkish-backed terrorists near Idlib

SYRIA – On the evening of February 19th, Russian aviation inflicted powerful blows on terrorist positions in the Greater Idlib region – west of Aleppo and north of the administrative center of Idlib province. According to military sources, air raids were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the Turkish border, where from all the last […]

Assad Liberates Terrorist-Held Town Near Aleppo as Turkey-Russia Talks Approach

ALEPPO – Syrian government forces have made significant strides in the province of Aleppo, having regained control of most of the region held by Islamic militants, state media in the Arab Republic reported today, February 17. The troops of Bashar al-Assad over the past day significantly advanced their positions west of Aleppo. This happened in anticipation of the […]

SYRIA UPDATE: SAA Makes Big Advances on Multiple Fronts

ALEPPO – The High Command of the Syrian Armed Forces announced today, February 17, the release of dozens of settlements in the west and north-west of Aleppo province as a result of “operations against the positions and fortifications of terrorist organizations.” A corresponding statement was made by the General Staff of the SAR Armed Forces, […]

MAJOR: Aleppo Battle sees Russia obliterate terrorists

DAMASCUS – On January 17 and through this morning in the west of Aleppo there are intense exchanges of mortar and rocket-artillery attacks. The Syrian army has been firing at militant positions for the third day in a row. Last night almost all the western suburbs and suburbs of the second largest Syrian city, as […]

VIDEO: Underground Terrorist Cities DISCOVERED by Syrian Forces

SYRIA [ANNA] – Several valleys in the territories of northern Hama and southern Idlib open the way around the Latakia mountains, which are located to the west. Beyond these plains lies the road to Idlib – the main stronghold of the terrorists “Hyyat Tahrir al-Sham”. Therefore, the front of northern Hama  was a particularly important […]

Israel Now Visibly in the Mix?

By Steve Brown   Take it as given that Israel tends to operate behind the scenes and would prefer to influence affairs covertly rather than overtly, so when Israel admits to resuming air strikes vs Syria and Iraq that’s worth a look.  Israel has resumed air strikes on Syria and Iraq, claiming to strike Iranian […]

EXPOSED: Illegal Activity of Western Special Services in Syria

This is my new article on the Syrian crisis. You know that the U.S. and Turkish special services have long been taking part in the conflict, but not so long ago the shocking details have emerged. It turned out that they are involved in spreading ISIS ideology among Al-Hol refugees and supplying weapons to HTS […]

Terrorists attempt to assassinate Russian troops in Syria, pathetically fail

DARAA, Syria – On Saturday, in Syria’s Daraa province, militants detonated a bomb on the route of a Russian military police patrol, the high command said. Militants in Syria’s Daraa province carried out a bomb attack on the Russian Armed Forces military police patrol route on Saturday, Major-General Aleksey Bakin, head of the Russian Center […]