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Navalny Poisoning – Recording of a Conversation in а GRU Office

A parody – transcribed by Gregory Sinaisky The main character Colonel Chepiga is “highly likely”, (as our British partners, known for their sense of humor, like to say) a GRU officer, who is known for “highly likely” having smeared the door of former spy Skripal living in the English city of Salisbury with Novichok. Chepiga […]

The Philosophical Dingleberries of Slavoj Žižek

dingleberry |ˈdiNGəlˌberē| noun (pl. dingleberries) vulgar slang 1 a small shit-ball attached to the anal hair of an animal or man. 2 informal a foolish or inept person: That clueless dingleberry Slavoj Žižek manifest his narcissism in the mirror of Lacan ORIGIN: German ding from Hegel’s ‘Ding-an-sich’ or ‘a thing as such’ + berry. Der […]

Foreign Policy Magazine and The Famous Nigerian Internet Scam

As a longtime ‘unsuscribed’ person from all mails at Foreign Policy Magazine, not only the ‘Security Brief’ newsletter, it was interesting to me to receive an “internal test’ of the ‘Security Brief’ FP mail. What are the possibilities? 1) It was a straightforward snafu of the Foreign Policy web propaganda outlet. 2) Foreign Policy is […]


Have been reading lots of random YouTube and Twitter discussions lately. Got inspired to start a series of posts where I would be giving you only the TRUE historic FACTS and FIGURES. Let’s start today with one of the most sensitive topics – Russia BEFORE and AFTER the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, just to set things […]

SAA vs ISIS: Cooking Competition [Video][Humor][ENG Sub]

Fort Russ, September 26th, 2016 By Tatzhit Mihailovich The video speaks for itself. The best part is in the end, it’s only 90 seconds. Enjoy! The credit for SAA video goes to Andrey Filatov, check out his Youtube channel – he has a lot of videos he shot first-hand in Syria, many with ENG subs