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By Arturo Gallegos – It is well known that to any progressive change in the politics of a country there is a reaction to the contrary, in other words, the response of the conservative side. Not rarely this resistance of the privileged class to lose its advantages usually ends in violence. Old and recent history […]

International Women’s Day Retrospective

A Fucked Up Fable When the Spaniards first recorded their interactions with the indigenous peoples of the Americas, they were amazed at the respect accorded to the women. Since, the criminality of a certain fable that holds women responsible for all of this world’s ills, due to the primal woman’s subversive collusion with a snake, […]


By Alexekin Rockowia – “Does democracy exist?” is a question that requires a lot of thought to answer, since there are a multitude of facts and opinions to deal with. It can be answered in many ways, which all boil down to a simple yes or no, or even to being inconclusive. I believe that […]


Demagoguery, empty promises, elections and ‘the people’. Does Democracy even exist? That depends on how we think of it. Kirby and Flores dig into this subject in this next installment of Front and Center Front and Center, Men! Watch the latest installment of Front & Center – the official podcast of the Center for Syncretic […]

FUSARO: The Capitalist Destruction of the Family

By Diego Fusaro,  Italian Marxist philosopher “Capital behaves in front of each limit as [if it was] a barrier”: as such is read, in a lapidary way, in the Grundrisse of Karl Marx1. By these reason, the dialectic logic of the development of capital, in the last fifty years, has been that of a progressive […]

Israeli & Christian Zionists Eye up War on Iran: A Conundrum Of Evil

The Israeli Zionists and Christian Zionists have both; common and opposed motivations for war with Iran. The Israelis well know the Christians fully intend all Jews will either convert or die at the Battle of Armageddon according to their perverted theology but meanwhile the two sleep together, the Israelis self-destructively milking the USA war machine […]

China Slams U.S for ‘Ideological Prejudice’ – Tells Washington to ‘Check Yourself’

BEIJING – China has reacted strongly to ongoing media and diplomatic attacks by the United States, attributing to the authorities of the PRC massive human rights violations on its territory. Beijing advised Washington to ‘check yourself’ for its own “shortcomings” in matters of freedom of the media, racism, accusing the American side of “ideological prejudices,” […]

From Plato to NATO – Does ‘Western Civilization’ actually exist?

We are sometimes enjoined, especially by conservatives, to do our part in “saving western civilization.” But is there any such thing? Does “western civilization” actually exist? By that, I DON’T mean to ask a naively moralistic question such as “Is the west civilized?” I mean to ask “Does the west itself actually exist?” It is […]