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‘Wuhan virus from the United States’: The Beijing vs. Washington Information War

Ever since the coronavirus began to spread throughout the United States, Washington and Beijing have been waging a global information war over national responsibility for the outbreak. President Donald Trump and his aides are trying to blame the spread of the disease on “communist” China. However, Trump himself was criticized in his country for neglecting the danger and […]

Twitter Censors Accounts for Exposing Nazi, Al Qaeda Terrorism that is openly Promoted on Other Twitter Accounts

clarityofsignal (62) in news •  15 hours ago For the past two years I have been using two accounts at Twitter to disseminate information that reveals the war crimes of the Free Syrian Army terrorists in Syria, particularly the White Helmets who are al-Qaeda posing as rescuers of small children, and the Ukrainian Azov Nazi battalions who are part of […]

Who is Alexander Dugin? NATO ‘Scholars’ Don’t Want You to Know

On June 3rd, the infamous Kiev regime propaganda outlet, The Kyiv Post, ran a piece by the German scholar Andreas Umland, entitled “Why Aleksandr Dugin’s ‘Neo-Eurasianism’ is not Eurasianist.” A few days later, on June 8th, the article was picked up by New Eastern Europe, one of the top Atlanticist journals dedicated to intellectually colonizing Eastern Europe […]