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ISHCHENKO: Coronavirus & the Collapse of the US Empire

By Rostislav Ishchenko It comes to be that empires collapse suddenly, after being quite sturdy (as was the Russian Empire in 1917). It comes to be that empires disappear after many decades even centuries of excruciating decline, like the Western Roman Empire in 476. But if the empire collapses, two conditions must always coincide: an […]

ISHCHENKO: Jews and the Holocaust as Ukraine’s Way of Life

By Rostislav Ishchenko – On Tuesday, January 14, Ukraine snapped back in response to Israel’s official accusation of Kiev glorifying those responsible for the Holocaust. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev condemns all forms of intolerance and anti-Semitism. It seems that the foreign ministries of Israel and Ukraine are talking about different countries. In fact, […]

Ishchenko: Zelensky is worse than Poroshenko on Donbass and Normandy 4

Under the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, there were more meetings in the Normandy format and more withdrawal of troops than under Vladimir Zelensky. Moreover, it is not a fact that the Norman meetings will continue further. This was told to the observer of the MIA “Russia Today” by Rostislav Ishchenko in an interview with […]

Ishchenko: Dual citizenship Ukraine is twenty years late

By Rostislav Ishchenko – Ukrainian nationalists are made up of solid flaws. Perhaps that is why they prefer to call themselves patriots. It seems like it seems, but not the same thing. However, from my point of view, they have one virtue. They never make sensible decisions, even if they chew the situation and put it in their […]

Poroshenko has nowhere to run – faces possible charges in the U.S and in Ukraine

Oligarch and former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, is facing jail-time in Ukraine, however he should not count on receiving help from his Western “friends and partners”, who once sworn in the eternal friendship with him, according to columnist Rostislav Ishchenko Poroshenko obviously intends to fight to stay in politics and consequently, in Ukraine as a […]

Ishchenko: Why would a Partition of Ukraine be a disaster for Russia?

Donbass, like any frontline territory with a non-determined status, is periodically covered by waves of rumours; the most improbable and the most absurd rumors, which nevertheless go viral. Despite their regular repetitiveness and regular falseness, appearing again and again, they invoke trust again and again. The number of people living in Donbass who have a “friend […]

Ishchenko: An Orthodox Uprising in Ukraine Would End Western Dominance

By Rostislav Ishchenko – In recent days, in connection with Poroshenko’s blatant violation of all international norms, a regime trouncing articles of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine governing relations between church and state, experts and politicians often ask a question (not always rhetorical): isn’t he afraid of consequences? After all, any competent lawyer can […]