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BREAKING: WATCH Trump Order Churches, Mosques, and Temples Open – Declares these Essential

By Carrie Sheffield – JustTheNews President Trump on Friday said states must allow churches to reopen this weekend, otherwise “I will override the governors.” Trump said U.S. churches would be allowed to re-open if they followed coronavirus social distancing protocols. “Today I’m identifying houses of worships: churches, synagogues and mosques as essential places that provide […]

Macron vows to fight against radical Islam in France

PARIS – President Emmanuel Macron on Monday urged France’s Muslim community to intensify the fight against “separatism” by hardening its rhetoric against Islamic radicalism following a deadly attack on the country. Macron, a centrist whose main political rival at home is right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, tried to show that he is seriously repressing Islamic […]

Erdogan Manipulates post-Christchurch Media Paradigm – Says he will make Hagia Sophia a Mosque – Furthers Plan to Divide Christian and Muslim World

In what can only be termed an incoherent or entirely manipulative response to President Trump’s weightless decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and sovereignty over the Golan Heights, head of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to ‘challenge’ Trump  by changing the ‘neutral’ status of the museum of the Hagia Sophia, formerly […]

Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of Israel’s Master Plan to Orchestrate War between the Muslim and Christian World

Editor’s note and Trigger Warning – This material may not be suitable for individuals with averse reactions to officially unapproved views on the Christchurch Massacre. Do not read further if materials that provide other-than-official reading of the facts are prohibited in your community or legal jurisdiction. It is the editorial view of FRN that this […]