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Poroshenko has lost a whole lot more than just the presidency

KIEV – The former president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, lost his status as a billionaire during his presidency, reports Bloomberg. According to the agency, “the confectionery mogul was deprived of his status as a billionaire shortly after his election in June 2014.” Poroshenko’s net worth has fallen by almost 40% to $705 million, according to […]

Zionist Bolsonaro has Lowest Rating in Brazil’s post-dictatorship history

BRASILIA – Jair Bolsonaro has the worst assessment after the first three months in office, comparing with all presidents elected after the military dictatorship, the Folha de São Paulo daily Datafolha reported on Sunday. President Jair Bolsonaro will complete the first 100 days in office on Wednesday. According to the Datafolha Institute, 30% of Brazilians […]

President vs. own junta: Ukrainian government splits at the seams

October 30 , 2017 – Fort Russ News –  Politnavigator – translated by Inessa Sinchougova Ukrainian police have removed the cordon and fences that stood along the perimeter of the protest camp near the Verkhovna Rada. “Spending public resources and protecting this rubbish is no longer desirable. I gave the command to remove the forces of the […]

Savchenko’s 180 – New party calls for ‘Decentralization’

December 24th, 2016 – Fort Russ News –  – Rusvesna – translated by J. Flores –  People’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko announced the creation of a new political party. She will call the party “RUNA”, an abbreviation of the word “ruh” (Ukrainian “movement.” – ed.), “reform”, “revolution of the Ukrainian people.” (all together, like ‘Rune’ in […]

Gas for Genichesk

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 8th January, 2016 Colonel Cassad A short history of gas delivery to Genichesk. The sequence of events was a bit strange. 1. It was reported that allegedly the mayor of Genichesk asked for help from Russia, because the city was freezing. 2. This request was considered by the Kremlin […]

Remembering the time Kiev used Phosphorous

Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ 5th November, 2015 Novorosinform Today we remember the long-suffering of Gorlovka, and in particular, in late July last year, the city was shelled with UN-banned phosphorous bombs. Moreover, during the shelling, a small child was burned alive, whose corpse just lied in the street.  [O.R: USA is a […]

Kiev junta targets Ukrainian preschoolers with propaganda

“Stab the enemies!” May 15, 2015 Curt Offillis Ridus Translated by Krisitna Rus Kharkov resident: we managed to save our child from the Ukrainian “zombie box” A temporary lull in the combat zone, unfortunately, only means that the main efforts of the Kiev authorities are focused on other areas, for example, such as propaganda. The […]

Ukraine’s default postponed until June

 3/31/2015 Ukraine’s default postponed until June By Yurasumy Translated from Russian by J.Hawk During Yushchenko’s rule it seemed that Ukraine’s economy not only fell into a chasm, but that it reached the bottom, and it was not possible to fall lower. But “there are no obstacles for patriots”—the insufficiently poisoned president’s team which became part […]

When will war erupt on the Donbass?

3/26/2015 When will war erupt on the Donbass? By Yurasumy Translated from Russian by J.Hawk Active combat operations on the Donbass. When, who, and how serious? There is plenty of guessing and speculation on this topic, and there will be even more as actual combat operations approach. The Junta It would be naïve and stupid […]

“Putin broke his teeth on Dnepropetrovsk, Poroshenko will break them too.”–Kolomoysky raises stakes

 “The wiseguys are grasping at power”–Filatov, Kolomoysky, Korban  3/23/2015 The Oligarch Revolution By Yurasumy Translated from Russian by J.Hawk That in which my detractors did not believe even yesterday had happened. The Junta finally splintered into two camps. Kolomoysky went all out. Poroshenko accepted the challenge. Today was filled with events and announcements. 1. Nalivaychenko […]