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ISHCHENKO: Jews and the Holocaust as Ukraine’s Way of Life

By Rostislav Ishchenko – On Tuesday, January 14, Ukraine snapped back in response to Israel’s official accusation of Kiev glorifying those responsible for the Holocaust. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that Kiev condemns all forms of intolerance and anti-Semitism. It seems that the foreign ministries of Israel and Ukraine are talking about different countries. In fact, […]

Freeland Responds to Putin: Liberalism Will Prevail! (Nazis Will Help)

The elite attempting to control the world under an “end of history” neo-liberal doctrine have created a mountain of unresolvable paradoxes for themselves in Ukraine since unleashing the anti-Russian Euromaidan color revolution in late 2013 that unseated a pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych government, and replaced it with a Nazi-infested technocratic regime which has played out like a disastrous circus for the past five years.

Collapse of Ukraine’s Health Sector

KIEV, Ukraine – Last week, almost 500 people in Ukraine became ill with measles. A recent health report says 485 citizens fell ill over the past week. This was reported on Monday, July 8 at the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. “During the 27th week of 2019, 485 people fell […]

TEXAS: VIDEO March 31st Ukrainian Elections are a Parade of Clowns

Who will be the next Gauleiter of Ukraine? Will it be the drunken incompetent war criminal, “Porky” Poroshenko? Will it be foul-mouthed ex-convict and aspiring mass murderer “Suka” Tymoshenko, or professional clown and Kolomoisky lapdog, “Zero” Zelensky? The only thing we know for sure is they’re all nazis and sell their nation and their asses […]


CRIMEA – The Federal Security Service (FSB) detained a gang member in the Republic of Crimea for storing 12 kg of TNT. According to the intelligence service, the accused is related to the nationalist organization “Noman Chelebidzhikhan’s battalion” TASS reports today, December 19th. Noman Chelebidzhikhan was a prominent figure in Crimean Tatar history. He was head of the […]

Ukraine Now ‘Second Place’ in IMF Debtor Nations, passing Greece

WASHINGTON D.C – After the approval of the new program with the IMF, Ukraine has risen to second place in the world in terms of debts to the fund, overtaking Greece and almost equaling the leader of the ranking – Argentina. Such a conclusion can be made by looking the data of these countries on the website of […]

GRAPHIC: Fresh Donbass Fighting Produces Unfortunate Casualties

DONBASS – A fresh round of fighting, and a failed Ukrainian attack has produced some unfortunate casualties. These are youth, sent off to die, fighting their own brothers. We have very little to add- the Donbass militia’s words at the end are basically straight-forward. There is no gloating here. This loss of life is futile […]


LUGANSK, LPR – Over the past 24 hours, Kiev military forces fired over 80 heavy shells upon the Republic, as tensions rise in the aftermath of the Kerch Strait battle incident. This was announced today at a briefing at the  LuganskInformCentre by the head of the press service of the People’s Police Department of the LPR, […]


The relations between Hungary and Ukraine continue to sour, as we see the Kiev government fail on its commitments and regional obligations to stability.  Originally Hungary expressed grave concerns about the treatment of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine at the hands of the neo-nazi and Banderist, U.S installed junta governing Kiev. Even as such, Hungary […]