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Ukraine will NOT be able to Destroy the Crimean Bridge, Defeat Russia

Ukrainian nationalists will not be able to destroy the Crimean Bridge or win a fight against the Russian state even with the help of their “allies” represented by terrorist organizations in the Caucasus, said a Russian political expert. Previously, deputy of the Supreme Rada, Igor Mosiychuk, suggested that Ukrainian intelligence find allies to destroy the […]

Having destroyed the country, ‘Sumerians’ are doomed to return to Russia

N.B – ‘Sumerians’ is jab at a Ukrainian nationalist ‘ethnologic’ theory, that Ukrainians are ‘not Slavs’ but ‘Sumerians’. One thing that Ukrainians do have, however in common with modern Iraqis (where Sumer was located), is that the US has destroyed their states. Iraqis, Sumerians, at least have the sense to fight back. Anything but ‘Slavic […]


Some astonishing new statistics have just been compiled, adding more documented evidence that the Euromaidan was a bigger disaster for Ukraine than the collapse of the USSR. Every minute, two people from Ukraine leave for work. Such statistics was published by the Internet site This means that from the end of March until now, almost […]

MH-17: Four Years On, Time for the Truth

Mh-17 was a false flag operation, prepared, committed and covered up by the Kiev junta with the connivance of corrupt Western governments and media. But even a million lies cannot overcome truth, logic and physical evidence in the minds of reasonable and objective people. After four years of lies, the truth is still out there […]

Donetsk Is In Hot Water! Kiev, Not So Much…

FROM “HEAVENLY HUNDRED” TO “UNWASHED MILLION” IN ONLY 4 YEARS – THAT’S UKROP “PROGRESS” Bathing in Kiev has become “problematic” for 1 million citizens of Kiev. The problem? No hot water. Since early May. The administration says not to worry, they’ll turn it back on. In October. So they say.   Until then, 1 million […]

Poroshenko intensifies repression: more parties banned

Ukraine has included in the expanded sanctions list seven Russian political parties, including United Russia, the corresponding document was published on the website of the country’s President Petro Poroshenko. This raises serious questions about Ukraine’s deteriorated human rights record, as it wages a brutal counter-insurgency in the east of the country.  On this list, in addition […]

War in Donbass expected by time of Russian elections – Popov

January 29, 2018 – Fort Russ –  By Eduard Popov, translated by Jafe Arnold –  In our recent articles, we have repeatedly stressed and sought to demonstrate that war is coming to Donbass – and soon. Our analysis has now been furnished with new, harrowing evidence, which deserves examination.  On January 24th, the deputy commander […]

Peacekeeping efforts in Donbass collapse as Ukraine intensifies bombardments

December 21, 2017 – Fort Russ –  By Eduard Popov, translated by Jafe Arnold –  The withdrawal of Russian officers from the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire in Donbass (JCCC) in Ukrainian-occupied Soledar has now officially been followed by a Ukrainian withdrawal from the JCCC. The OSCE mission in Donbass is […]

Future of Ukraine: Kiev politicians’ kids caught with swastikas and guns

November 29, 2017 – Fort Russ News – Olga Kazachenko, PolitNavigator – translated by Jafe Arnold – Kiev, Ukraine. Children of Ukrainian parliament members have recently shown up on social networks posing with military-grade weapons and vividly displaying sympathy for Nazi ideology, the Kiev newspaper Vesti has reported. For example, the publication discovered the social […]