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Hegel in light of the Fourth Political Theory & Laocracy – A Brief Outline

By Luiz Campos – Member of NR-Brazil in MG, teaches History and Philosophy The philosophy of the German Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has interesting tools to offer to dissenting thinking. Concepts such as dialectic, praxis and Volkgeist, if adapted to our struggle, become instruments of analysis and action. Incidentally, such adaptation is fundamental, which also involves the […]

Action – Socialism – Laocracy: New Resistance Evropa Communique # 3

New Resistance Evropa – Central Committee Communique # 3 ACTION – Only the most rigorous and hard-hitting movement can overturn the wretched prevailing order. New Resistance calls on people of Action to resist the temptation of idleness and procrastination. On the Streets, in the Church, in the Labor Unions, in the Arts, and in the […]