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Terrorists make WEAK attempt to attack Russia’s Syria base, easily repelled

LATAKIA, Syria – Russian air defenses at Hmeymim air base in Syria have toppled three aerial drones launched by terrorist militants operating in the Idlib de-escalation zone, the Russian general said. “On the evening of July 12, 2019, militants of illegal armed groups operating in the Idlib de-escalation zone attempted to attack the Russian Hmeymim […]

MAJOR: Terrorist FAIL in attempt to destroy Russian base in Syria

LATAKIA – Earlier this morning, jihadists in the Syrian northwest province of Idlib made a pathetic attempt to destroy the Russian Hmeimim airbase in Latakia province with a bomb. The failed attempt to destroy the Hmeimim airbase, Russia’s main airbase in Syria and located in southwest Latakia province, was conducted with attack drones who fired […]

FULL SITUATION REPORT: Syrian Army Advances, Latakia and Hama

By Vladimir Gujanicic, for FRN – May 13, 2019 – After almost seven days of offensive fighting, the Syrian army gradually progressed to the north. It can be said from the fact that large scale operations have not yet started. For now, the fronts are open in the north of the Hama and north of […]

Terrorists attack Russian airbase in Syria, fail to cause damages or casualties

LATAKIA, Syria – Insurgents twice attacked the Russian military base in Syria’s Hmeymim in Latakia province using multiple rocket launchers, reported the head of the Center for the Reconciliation of the Parties to Conflict in Syria, Viktor Kupchishin. “Today, twice in the morning and in the afternoon, the Hmeymim airbase was attacked from multiple rocket […]

Syria is Going to Win the Oil War

By Vladimir Gujanicic – After more than seven years of uninterrupted warfare, the Syrian economy is outraged. And if the Syrian army has reclaimed all oil sources from the right bank of the Euphrates, a large part of them has been destroyed by NATO aviation and the Islamic state in retaliation so that the reconstruction […]

CAUGHT OUT: US Air Reconnaissance Found SPYING on Russian base in Syria

LATAKIA, Syria – A US aircraft flew for two hours near a Russian Air Force base in Syria. A US Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon conducted a reconnaissance flight near the Russian military base in Hmeimim, Syria, according to the Twitter account of IntelSky. According to the tweet published on Friday, the American aircraft spent about […]


Published on: Sep 26, 2018 @ 22:26 – The following is an excellent walk-through of most all the elements at play; technical, spatial, theoretical, and geopolitical which by itself makes an excellent case of the hypothesis that it was France or the UK, the the view of ‘FB’, that was the party that pulled the trigger on […]