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Iraq-Syrian border liberated! U.S military evacuates military bases in Iraq

BAGHDAD – US forces stationed in Iraq to aid ISIS and overthrow the Syrian government, said Tuesday that it had transferred the al-Qa’im military base on the border with Syria to Iraq and transferred responsibility for the base to the Iraqi military. According to the Iranian news site Pars Today, the forces of the international […]



Midnight, GMT+3, September 9th – The liberation of Idlib from US backed terrorists, has now begun. With weeks of preparation, on the tactical, strategic, infowar, and diplomatic fronts, the Russian and Syrian air forces launched their first sorties tonight, with bombers and assault planes attacking terrorist held positions between Hama and Idlib. So far there have […]

The Battle for Idlib: Palestinian and SAA forces Prepare to for Liberation

Every major and elite component of the Syrian Army, including the 4th Mechanized Units, the Tiger Forces and Republican Guard will participate in the next most important battle of the Syrian war: The Battle for Idlib. They will be joined by regular army, allied militias, including the Palestinian-led Al-Quds Brigade. Leading up to this, just 90 […]

ALL EYES ON SYRIA: Terrorists announce counter-offensive against SAA in Idlib

“Jihadist groups in Syria have announced they are preparing a military offensive against government troops and reject dialogue with the government,” said the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center, Maj. Gen. Aleksei Tsigankov. “The leaders of the al-Nusra Front, the National Liberation Front and the Liberation Front of Syria openly announced preparations for an offensive […]

BREAKING: Syrian Air Force OBLITERATES ISIS POSITIONS in east Sweida, SAA ground forces prepares to storm last terrorist stronghold

BEIRUT – Within the last hour, the Syrian Arab Air Force ramped up it’s campaign against the last ISIS stronghold in eastern Sweida, according to numerous trusted sources and as reported by the reliable source, AMN. The strikes were launched against the last ISIS stronghold positions occupying areas in eastern Sweida in the Al-Safa Mountains, […]

VICTORY: 100% of Syrian territory has been liberated – Ministry of Defense

December 7 , 2017 – FRN –  Regnum – translated by Inessa Sinchougova  MOSCOW, Russia. The territory of Syria has been completely liberated from ISIL terrorist group. On December 6, the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov announced this at a briefing for foreign military attaches. “All the cell formations of […]