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EXPOSED! NATO used depleted uranium in Libyan war

According to a report of Libyan nuclear physicists, handed over to the government of national agreement in Tripoli, NATO used weapons with depleted uranium during the bombings in Libya in 2011 . Nuri al-Druki, a counselor for the Libyan Environment Committee and Atomic Energy Committee, said that, “the official report, which proves the use by […]

US Threatens North Korea with ‘Libya Scenario’

Why has the US’ evocation of the “denuclearization model” applied to Libya become an obstacle to the diplomatic process with North Korea? Associated Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo, Malfrid Braut-Hegghammer, has explained to the Washington Post newspaper that, among other reasons, Pyongyang does not want to go through the same experience […]

Ex-Libyan leader’s advisor: Gaddafi ‘donated €20m’ to Sarkozy presidential campaign

TUNIS, Tunisia – Former interpreter and trusted aide of Muammar Gaddafi, Moftah Missouri, revealed that the Libyan leader donated €20 million ($24.5m) to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign, speaking from Tunis on Thursday. “In 2005, France’s then Minister of Interior, Nicolas Sarkozy, visited Libya. He met with his Libyan counterpart, and then at […]

Can Gaddafi’s son reunite Libya?

TUNIS, Tunisia – Khaled Al-Ghwail, the lawyer of Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif Al-Islam al-Gaddafi, spoke about Gaddafi’s potential presidential run from Tunis on Wednesday. During the interview, Al-Ghwail stated that Gaddafi “has many supporters”, even amongst those who “were previously committed to the agenda of events on February 17.” This was in  […]