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Lukashenko denies Belarus-Russia military alliance is for invasion purposes

MINSK – President Alexandr Lukashenko denied that Belarus is building a military alliance with Russia to invade neighboring nations. “Do not even think of writing that we are creating here with any Russia to move tanks against you. It will never happen,” Lukashenko said, addressing a Polish journalist, who asked not to publish unproven data. […]

As Uruguay warns of war against Venezuela, Lukashenko backs Maduro

CARACAS – There are real risks of a military conflict in Venezuela because some Latin American countries, acting in an “irresponsible” way, promote that possibility, Uruguayan Defense Minister José Bayardi said in an interview with Sputnik. “There are possibilities of a war conflict in Venezuela. The tension over the war is permanent. Even some Latin […]

Is the Union State of Russia and Belarus an Integration Template?

By Tim Kirby – originally published on SCF – Expansion requires a template. If one expects growth in their nation or international project beyond its initial border there has to be some sort of standards or bureaucracy to make this happen and Russia may very well be developing (or has already developed) this template to […]

MAJOR: Russia and Belarus Announce Plans to Further Integrate Union State

The presidents of Russia and Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, have instructed the governments of their countries to develop reciprocal action plans for further integration within the framework of the Union State, according to press secretary Dmitry Peskov, today on May 29th, Interfax reports. “They had the opportunity to talk on the sidelines ( meetings of the Supreme […]

Lukashenko: “the Russian government must stop lobbying for the interests of oligarchs”

MINSK – In Russia, big business has grown together with the government and lobbies its interests, and this practice paralyzes the development of relations between Moscow and Minsk, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko believes. At a meeting with journalists and representatives of the public, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demanded that the Russian authorities stop protecting […]

MAJOR: Belarus and Russia Move Closer to Unification

MINSK – Lukashenko has just announced his willingness to move Belarus even closer to the Russian federation, by introducing a common currency. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he supports the introduction of a single currency in the Union State. But it should not be a Russian or Belarusian ruble. Rapprochement to the maximum: the Russian […]

Lukashenko Blasts Zhirinovsky, Swears on Belarus’ Independence

MINSK, Belarus – State sovereignty is holy, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Russian journalists in Minsk this morning on Friday, December 14th, adding that he would not allow its loss of sovereignty. “I always feel this threat (loss of sovereignty. – ed.) From one side, then from the other, I […]