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Poroshenko, it’s time to start bombing Lvov for separatism!

June 6th, 2015 Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky Translated by Kristina Rus Yurasumy: In March 2014 a similar event in another city of Ukraine was the first step to the beginning of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] or the civil war. Galician separatists gathered in Lvov … in fact with the same demands. Where is the ATO? Lyashko, where are your […]

Talking about Holocaust is not welcomed at public schools in Lviv, Ukraine

Banderites in Ukrainian national attire smacking the head of a Jewish man against a broken Lenin statue in Lviv April 22, 2015 Lvov City Blog Originally published April 9, 2012 Translated from Russian by Dvadjsidva The Lviv regional Jewish charitable Foundation “Hesed Aryeh” (Mercy) is officially prohibited from talking about the Holocaust in the local […]

Lvov deputy demands more local authority for Western Ukraine

Vladimir Parasyuk March 19, 2015 Kristina Rus Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk expressed the need to give more rights to the Western regions of Ukraine for active participation of these regions in the coup of 2014.  According to the Deputy Mikhail Kobtsev, Parasyuk demanded “to divide Ukraine… yelling about the need to give special privileges to Western […]

Food Maidan: Shortages and Panic Buying in Lvov

2/25/2015 Food Maidan: Lvovians are fighting over oil and flour. Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The Lvovians who were jumping so crazily on the Maidan are now displaying a similar level energy when jumping from store to store in search of food. They are not even looking at labels, but are rather grabbing anything they […]

Lvov Professor Faces Persecution for Supporting Novorossia

 2/24/2015 They are killing me By Olga Zagulskaya Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The two weeks of persecution have had their effect. Now I am suffering from hypertension. Yet another act of psychological torture had its intended effect. When I was going to work, I was warned that the students are preparing a boycott. Young […]

Western Ukraine is Not Impressed with Poroshenko

January 2, 2015 Marcin Skalsi for Translated from Polish by J. Hawk President Petro Poroshenko visited Lvov. During a meeting with the city’s inhabitants one of the citizens called him a traitor and refused to shake hands with him. During the visit several activists representing the leadership of the Lvov region asked Poroshenko questions […]

82% of Ukrainian Students from Lvov Dream of Working Abroad

Rusvesna A sociological case study conducted at the Lvov National Polytechnic University revealed that 82% of Lvov students would like to work outside the Ukraine and 44% of them would also like to settle abroad. Medical students, who travel abroad more then others strive to settle there as much as the undergraduates of the agricultural […]