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“Lvov is a Polish City”

Rusvesna A flag of about 6 meters size was discovered on the mound in honor of the Union of Lublin, which is located in the High Park Castle in Lvov. This mound is the highest point in the city. Besides an inscription “Lvov is a Polish city”, there was also a logo of Legia soccer […]

Ethnically pure Ukrainian state doesn’t fit into the old boundaries

Maxim Karpenko for Politnavigator “The cause of the tragic events in Ukraine is the choice of Kiev in favor of construction of “ethnically pure Ukrainian state” model, which does not fit in within the boundaries of the former Soviet Republic,” – said associate professor of World Politics from the Higher School of Economics, Andrei Suzdaltsev at the talk show […]

Galicia native Brzezinsky rules US foreign policy for decades

Alexey Pleshanov for The famous American cold war ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski turned 86 years old on March 28, 2014. But despite his age, the man who was called “the gravedigger of the Soviet Empire” is still full of energy to change the world. A decisive influence in shaping the persona of a future ideologist of […]

Novorossia headlines summary, November 6, 2014

Slavic Guard: Vozhd News November 6, 2014 It finally became clear that to serve in territorial battalions is better then in UAF. If you left the army, then you are a deserter and you are prosecuted. Relatives will protest. But for the most part, who cares, you are not a hero, and therefore disposable. But, if you left with […]

Right Sector wants to form a faction in Ukrainian Parliament

Editor of The Ukrainian Parliament may receive a parliamentary group from the Right Sector. Despite the fact that the Right Sector did not pass the 5% minimum cut off, gaining about 2% of the vote, its leaders are already working to create inter-parliament ultra-Nazi coalition – it will include the single-mandate candidates who share quite similar views. Note: […]

The victory of Bandera ideology will shrink Ukraine to the size of Banderastan

Oleg Bondarenko On the 26th of October 2014 parliamentary elections were held, which for the first time in the whole history of modern Ukraine have resulted in a Supreme Rada consisting of less than the legally stipulated minimal number of 450 elected representatives, of only just about 420. Without taking into account the areas where elections will […]

Galician separatists want to join Europe without the rest of Ukraine

DNR-News European Galician Assembly has become more active in Lvov. It is known for its advocacy of separatism. Activists of the organization held a conference, at which the City Mayor Andriy Sadovyi and former economic development Minister Pavel Sheremet were among the guests. The Galician Assembly consists of local intellectuals who have never concealed their separatist views […]