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SAVIN: NATO ‘Expands’ Into Terminal Decline

By Leonid Savin – Geopolitical analyst, Chief editor of, founder and chief editor of Journal of Eurasian Affairs; head of the administration of International Eurasian Movement. – Although most media outlets, including purely political resources, are currently writing about the coronavirus pandemic, geopolitical processes continue to run their course. It’s just that the amount […]


North Macedonia officially joins NATO

SKOPJE – Northern Macedonia officially became the 30th member of NATO; its flag will be hoisted in Brussels above the headquarters of the alliance on March 30. This is stated in a statement circulated today, March 27, by US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo . “On March 27, 2020, the United States, as the depositary of the […]

MACEDONIA: Referendum Fails, a Resounding Defeat for Atlanticists

On September 30th, a referendum of state was held on the renaming of the republic and membership in Euro-Atlantic structures in Macedonia.  Macedonia’s vote on changing its name to North Macedonia has fortunately fallen far short of the turnout required. Preliminary results show that just over a third of Macedonians voted in the referendum, with 50% […]

Greece Recalls Ambassador from Russia Amidst NATO Power Play in Balkans

The Greek government has decided to recall its ambassador to Russia, Andreas Fryganas, amidst recent tensions between the two countries, a source in Greece’s foreign ministry has reported. The decision was reportedly taken by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias himself. Earlier this summer, Athens expelled two Russian diplomats and imposed an entry ban on two others, […]

Macedonia: Zaev expresses bizarre confidence over EU accession

SKOPJE – Macedonia is just a step away from getting a date to start the EU accession negotiations, and for joining NATO, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said, stressing that the dispute with Greece will be resolved, which will strengthen the identity of the state and its citizens. However, these comments are not entirely justified. Zaev […]